Cruz Issues Dire Warning: If premiums go up, voters “will tar and feather” GOP [VIDEO]

Cruz Issues Dire Warning: If premiums go up, voters “will tar and feather” GOP [VIDEO]

Well, I mean, he’s not wrong.

One of the main concerns that people had with the Obamacare plan was the sky-high cost of premiums, which deterred people from actually purchasing insurance through the marketplace.

If the Republican alternative does the same thing, it’s safe to say that people will revolt, no matter how much they love the President. Nobody is safe from the wrath of a man with an empty wallet.


Cruz told CBS’ John Dickerson that the GOP would face a large-scale revolution if the new “Trumpcare” legislation raised premiums.

“I’ve got to tell you, if Republicans hold a big press conference and pat ourselves on the back that we’ve repealed Obamacare and everyone’s premiums keep going up, people will be ready to tar and feather us in the streets, and quite rightly.”

I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind who would find higher premiums acceptable simply because it was Trump who caused it. Most Trump supporters, in my experience, supported him largely because he promised to completely undo Obamacare along with several other more conservative things.

He also noted that the current replacement legislation only addresses two of the 12 insurance mandates. Cruz believes that all of them should be repealed as quickly as possible and he’s right.

This isn’t going to be easy, but it’s necessary to at least begin chipping away at the disastrous legislation that has left so many (including myself) without affordable insurance.

The Republicans are under extreme pressure to get this right because if they don’t, it could greatly affect them in the midterms.

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