Cruz OBLITERATES Senate Democrats’ HYPOCRISY Over Sessions Hearing! [VIDEO]

Cruz OBLITERATES Senate Democrats’ HYPOCRISY Over Sessions Hearing! [VIDEO]


Cruz has been bold and unafraid to say the things that need to be said. He recently spoke up about the hypocrisy over the unrest around Senator Sessions’ appointment. He made it clear that after the last eight years of obvious disregard for the law, there is little room for any unrest. He spoke of the outrageous number of examples where the law was second to a political agenda. But he made it clear that this was not justification for the right to retaliate with lawlessness.

According to Western Journalism:

“But I take today as a moment of celebration,” he added, stating that reinstituting a reverence for the rule of law would be a good thing.

He continued arguing, facetiously, an alternative view could be justifiable in light of the past eight years.

“Now, if we were to play a game of tit-for-tat, if what was good for the goose was good for the gander, then a Republican attorney general should be equally partisan; equally disregard the law; should advance political preferences favored by the Republican Party,” he said.

Cruz then turned to Sessions and asked, “Do you think that would be appropriate for Republican attorney to do?”

Sessions stated it clearly would not, observing the “corrosive effect on the public confidence in the constitutional republic, which we are sworn to uphold” when government officials conduct themselves in that manner.

“That’s exactly right,” said Cruz, stating that is why he is fully and enthusiastically supporting Sessions’ confirmation with “every degree of confidence you will follow the law faithfully and honestly. And that is the first and most important obligation of the attorney general.”

I hope this holds to be true. Retaliating against lawlessness, corruption and political preference with those same attributes, but a different party, makes no sense. We have to retaliate by being better than that.

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