Jimmy Kimmel Compares Ted Cruz To Sexual Predator – Conservatives LEVEL Him Fast! [VIDEO]

Jimmy Kimmel Compares Ted Cruz To Sexual Predator – Conservatives LEVEL Him Fast! [VIDEO]

oh no Ted

Ted Cruz trends on Twitter every few weeks. No big deal. The former candidate for the Republican presidential nomination with degrees from Princeton and Harvard is still a U.S. Senator with over 3 million Twitter followers.

But this time was different.

Twitter “likes” are similar to “liking” or “following” Facebook Pages. If you “like” a Facebook page, everyone can see that you “like” it. Same on Twitter.

Long story short, for a short while, there was a two minute long pornographic film listed as one of Ted Cruz’s “likes.” Oh boy. There’s no hiding from this one. Myself, I think it’s hilarious. I’ve worked with politicians on their social media and getting them to limit access to only a few people is difficult. If you don’t change passwords often, there can be more people with access to your Twitter than you intended. From my experience, I would chalk this up to someone else with access to his Twitter account browsing porn and accidentally hitting that “like” button. It happens. I’ve seen corporate accounts post pornographic material and nothing is worse than the wild excuses.

Look, if you ever link to pornography on your social media, just delete it and explain yourself. Don’t blame “hackers.” “I was hacked!” is a code phrase for “Yes, I like or posted this, but I didn’t MEAN to!”

Cue the jokes.


So, we’ve got a funny situation on our hands, so yes, of course the comedians are going to go after you. Even the right wingers who still pine for Cruz For Pres 2016 will laugh and make fun.

Cruz blamed a staffer and said it was a mistake. Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me. But, his camp did say that the tweet was “reported to Twitter,” which generally means “Hackers, it was hackers!,” but they didn’t continue on with that line.

But that won’t stop a fella like Jimmy Kimmel. There have to be dozens and dozens of good jokes here, but Kimmel took a left turn.

Here’s Kimmel’s starting tweet.

Later on his show, he said that he believed Cruz when he said he wasn’t the liker of the tweet.

“I really honestly don’t think it was Ted Cruz… I don’t think Ted Cruz looks at porn. Ted Cruz masturbated to pictures of poor people without healthcare.”

He tags it with a reference to Anthony Weiner, who was caught sending nude photos of himself to underage girls. Real classy!

You can watch the full video down here:

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