OH DANG! Ted Cruz Calls On US Military To Respond To Mexican Cartels!

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | June 12, 2017 3:16 pm

Man, I still adore Ted Cruz.[1] He certainly has a spine and calls it like he sees it. Yesterday, one of the awful stories going around included a border patrol agent who was kidnapped[2], tortured and mutilated by the cartels. The agent was off-duty at the time he was grabbed. He survived, but the border patrol is now warning all agents to watch what is going on around them. They have to up their situational awareness for themselves and their families… because the cartels don’t like it when police officers get in the way of their business and they tend to do nasty things to them if they can. Fortunately, this officer survived. The next may not.

Cruz has now suggested that the US military should be used against Mexican transnational criminal groups (cartels). The statements were made during a one-on-one interview with the Senator at the end of May at the Bayer Museum of Agriculture in Lubbock, Texas. Cruz made it clear that he was not suggesting unilateral US military action in Mexico, but rather a cooperative effort, as seen in Colombia. And that was before this border agent was harmed. The cartels are simply out of control and they don’t fear anyone. I would think the Mexican government would welcome military help from the US to clean up their criminal infestation. It will never happen, but it should.


From Breitbart:

In the past decade, we have seen the control and reign of terror of the cartels wreak enormous damage to the nation of Mexico. Where ordinary citizens are terrified for their lives. Where crime and kidnapping becomes almost routine and the corruption that goes hand and hand with billions of dollars of illegal narcotic trafficking resources combined with vicious violent transnational criminal cartels has done enormous damage to Mexico and enormous damage to America.

What can we do about it? One of the things I think we should explore very seriously is something along the lines of what we did in Colombia: Plan Colombia. Where President George W. Bush worked with President Uribe to target the cartels and take them out. It was treated less as a law enforcement matter than as a military matter. Where our military went into Colombia and helped destroy the cartels.

It did so on the invitation of the Colombian government. Look, we should not engage in a military action in Mexico without the active cooperation of the duly elected government there.

Kidnapping, human trafficking, drugs and every sort of crime imaginable has become commonplace on our southern border. With no wall and not enough agents and security to cover the border, the cartels run through freely. They buy who they can and anyone who gets in the way is taken out. The Mexican people deserve better than that and so do Americans. We helped Colombia with the cartels there… there’s no reason we can’t help Mexico as well. They just have to let us. They have to invite us in.

Mexico’s police departments and government offices are rife with corruption. It would take a major effort even to begin cleaning it all out. And it would take nothing less than a military force able and willing to kill when necessary to make it happen. We need to find the good, honest leaders in Mexico and work with them to take down the cartels and stop the crime and bloodshed that is growing daily there. Cruz is right… offer the military.


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