SURPRISE: Cruz Said THIS About The Anti-Trump Protests In California [VIDEO]

SURPRISE: Cruz Said THIS About The Anti-Trump Protests In California [VIDEO]

Why is everyone so surprised over this? This is how Ted Cruz has been all along. He’s for what is right, not what is popular. When asked by a so-called journalist what Cruz thought of the violent protesters coming out against Trump in California, he didn’t even hesitate. He said they crossed the line… it is one thing to protest peacefully while allowing others to have freedom of speech. It is quite another to get violent and try to thuggishly silence someone. Cruz was adamant about it. Being the constitutionalist that Ted Cruz is, he will defend Donald Trump’s right to speak to the very end. That’s the difference between Trump and Cruz. Leftist radicals are the enemy here and Cruz recognizes that and is calling it out for what it is.

Ted Cruz

From TheBlaze:

As protesters continued to swarm around the venue of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s speech at California’s GOP Convention Friday, rival Ted Cruz found himself in somewhat of an alignment with his chief Republican rival.

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In a rare moment of solidarity, Cruz said the massive groups of anti-Trump protesters have “crossed the line,” adding that they are “leftist agitators” who are “trying to silence a voice they don’t like.”

“The First Amendment protects everyone’s right to speak, but you don’t have a right to threaten violence, you don’t have a right to shout down others, and these protesters appear to be trying to use violence and threats,” Cruz said. “These are the strategies of, of the leftist agitators who try to silence a voice they don’t like.”

Cruz said that instead of protesting, dissenters need to practice “civil” and “respectful” discourse. But they never will… that’s not their modus operandi. “You know, when I have protesters, that’s how I deal with protesters,” he continued, “not inciting violence, not shouting people down, but engaging in civil discourse.” Ultimately, Cruz said the wild protests breaking out in California are “not acceptable” and “inappropriate” because it “muzzles others.” Trump has a right to speak and he has the right to have Americans judge him on his words and actions. Violence has no place in this on either side. Good for Ted Cruz for standing up for what is right once again.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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