Ted Cruz Caught Off Guard And Reduced To Tears…Because Of THIS!

by McGuire | January 22, 2016 12:35 pm

Ted Cruz has been hitting the campaign trail HARD, and it’s no secret that he is trying to close the gap between himself and frontrunner Donald Trump. In Cruz’s speeches, relies heavily on his message of faith and healing and often tells the story of how his father came to know God.[1]


During a stop in Tennessee this year, The Resurgent reported that Cruz went off-script for several minutes after he was told that Pastor Galen Wiley was in the crowd.

After spotting Pastor Wiley in the audience, Cruz was moved to tears.

“I haven’t seen Brother Wiley since I was a kid,” explained Cruz. “Brother Wiley led my dad to the Lord.”

Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, was an alcoholic who left his family when Cruz was a young boy. However, after Rafael heard the word of God he came back to his family and fixed what had been broken.

“For on that night, April 15, 1975, sharing the Gospel with my dad, by passing on the good news, not only did you transform his life, not only did you transform my mother’s life, but it transformed my life, it transformed the life of my two little girls,” said Cruz, with Pastor Wiley on stage next to him.

“The impact of one good faithful servant spreading the good news spreads for generations,” said Cruz to cheers from the crowd.

After the rally, Cruz and Pastor Wiley spent a few minutes catching up with each other and then shared an embrace outside of Cruz’s bus.

This is a great example of how faith can change EVEYTHING.

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