Ted Cruz FIRES OFF – “Obama And Kerry Will Go Down In History As ‘Relentless Enemies Of Israel’

Ted Cruz FIRES OFF – “Obama And Kerry Will Go Down In History As ‘Relentless Enemies Of Israel’


Relations with Israel are at an all-time low. And suddenly, the alliance that America has with Israel has become a partisan issue. Not sure how that could have happened….

But Ted Cruz is done sitting around while Obama destroys our relationship with Israel. He has something to say about it.


If you look at the last several weeks, what the Obama administration has done, it’s shameful. And really, their true colors are coming out. We’re on the way out, they’ve struck out at Israel in a way that is hateful and profoundly damaging. The U.N. resolution that passed with Barack Obama and John Kerry’s active acquiescence, if not their encouragement, is profoundly anti-Israel. It’s absurd. It actually declares much of Israel to be illegal and illegitimate. It declares the Temple Mount, the holiest place in Jerusalem for Jews, to be not legitimately part of Israel. It declares the Western Wall, where Jews from all over the world go to pray, to be illegal and not part of Israel. For decades the United States has stood as an ally of Israel at the United Nations against anti-Semitism. And I think Barack Obama did this because he wanted to secure his legacy — and I’ve got to tell you, I think he has, I think history is going to record Barack Obama and John Kerry as relentless enemies of Israel.

He definitely does not sugarcoat things here. They have struck out at Israel and it needs to stop. Even other nation’s news sources have taken note with the abysmal direction the relationship has turned. BBC News recently reported on the ridiculous state of affairs between our nations. And they felt that Obama was at the root of the horrible relationship.

Trump will resurrect the relationship… hopefully. But what happens after that??? If this becomes a partisan stance, how will the relationship survive???


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