Ted Cruz Takes A Picture In OVAL OFFICE, Now Liberals Are Going NUTS – Because Of 1 Detail…

Ted Cruz Takes A Picture In OVAL OFFICE, Now Liberals Are Going NUTS – Because Of 1 Detail…

I still adore Ted Cruz and he is a class act all the way. He has gone out of his way to mend fences with President Trump and forgive and forget. He has more pressing business to deal with these days… the people’s business. Last week, President Trump and First Lady Melania invited the Cruz’s to dinner at the White House. They accepted and took their two adorable little girls with them. Who wouldn’t want to go to the White House? The girls were thrilled and Catherine brought her stuffed giraffe from her kindergarten class. He was in the photo op with Trump in the Oval Office. And that is what set asshat supreme, Keith Olbermann off.

Yes, Olbermann is still out there. He’s with MSNBC. I’m not shocked, are you? Didn’t think so. He declared that Cruz had no principles and should leave the country. He thinks Ted should be forever offended by Trump. The Democrats don’t care about Ted Cruz. They hate and fear him because he’s a constitutionalist. This is just one more thing to get outraged over. Don’t you guys ever get tired of perpetual anger?


From The Federalist Papers Project:

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump had dinner with Sen. Ted Cruz and his family. Cruz’s daughters, and a stuffed animal from Catherine’s kindergarten class, even got to have their picture taken with the president, but apparently GQ special correspondent and former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann thought this wasn’t a good thing.

Olbermann tweeted in response:

Twitter users, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, hit back against Olbermann’s absurd tweets:


“It was a social evening,” Cruz said. “We had a very nice evening with the president and first lady, with Heidi and the girls. Catherine was most excited to bring Joe with her, the stuffed giraffe from her kindergarten class who every student takes home for a few days. And so Joe had a chance to have dinner with the president, which was a fun thing.”

As Western Journalism pointed out, Trump has made an effort to get along with other Republicans lately including Sens. Marco Rubio and Lindsay Graham.

Andrew Mark Miller of Young Conservatives noted an important point — Olbermann’s hypocritical comments reflect on him, not on Trump.

Leave it to a troll like Olbermann to take a totally innocent moment and accuse Trump and Cruz of using children as political props. Olbermann is a disgusting and vile human being. It’s a stretch to even call the guy human. He is the world’s worst human being. Andrew Mark Miller of Young Conservatives is absolutely correct… this makes Olbermann look bad, not Cruz. “I’m not going to waste my time and go through all the liberal politicians who post pictures of their kids but I mean give me a break,” Miller wrote. “I highly doubt he actually thinks it’s wrong for a Republican senator’s family to meet with a Republican president,” Miller wrote. “But, he doesn’t care. Bashing Trump pays the bills.” Bingo.

You don’t see Olbermann calling out the maliciousness between Obama and Clinton. I guess outrage is selective in his reality. Olbermann should do us all a YUGE favor and just slink back off into the tar pits of obscurity. He was worthless even when he had face time, now he’s just annoying.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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