Berlin May Not Be the End of the Christmas Bloodshed

by Dave Blount | December 20, 2016 4:55 pm

Last night’s satanic mayhem at a Berlin Christmas market was almost certainly yet another example of Muslim terrorism. It’s not as if no one saw it coming:

Terrorists are planning a wave of Christmas attacks throughout Europe, targeting shopping areas and crowded market-places to maximise casualties.

The main groups plotting Yuletide blood-letting are Islamic State and al-Qaeda and UK intelligence agencies and counter-terror police are on high-alert. …

American State Department officials have warned US travellers to be vigilant when travelling to Europe – and to be particularly careful when going to Christmas events.

Obviously, it is not tolerable that Europeans cannot celebrate Christmas in safety.

If the Islamic army occupying their lands had invaded by conventional means, Europeans would fight them to the death, as they did at the Battle of Tours and the gates of Vienna. But after 1,400 years of attempting to eradicate Western Civilization, Muslims have settled on a more effective form of conquest.

According to NBC, Germany’s government imported over 2.1 million immigrants last year. The vast majority are Muslim. Given the respective populations, that is the equivalent of the USA welcoming 8.3 million colonists.

The unavoidable result is unfolding before our eyes.

So far 12 have died as a result of Berlin attack. If the obvious is confirmed and this is found to be yet another act of Islamic terror, Angela Merkel should be charged with 12 counts of accessory to murder.

Looks a lot like Islamic outreach.

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