BREAKING! 84 People Massacred, Numbers Rising, People Were “Flying Like Bowling Pins” [VIDEO]

BREAKING! 84 People Massacred, Numbers Rising, People Were “Flying Like Bowling Pins” [VIDEO]

Francois Holland had just lifted the state of emergency in France hours earlier as everyone started to celebrate Bastille Day. People were crowded in the streets of Nice watching the fireworks above… they never saw death barreling towards them. Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a large truck into the crowd and was wielding a gun, shooting at will into the throngs of revelers. He killed at least 84… 10 were babies and children. Dozens were injured and among those are at least 54 children. People are still missing and unaccounted for. Among the dead are French, Americans, Armenians and Ukrainians. The killer was an ISIS Jihadist and France was hit yet again with a massive terror attack. God help them.


From the Daily Mail:

This is the moment the ISIS fanatic who killed 84 people including at least ten children was shot dead by police as he fired at them from the 25-tonne lorry he used as a murder weapon on his mile-long killing spree.

The killer, a 31-year-old French Tunisian named by local newspaper Nice Matin as Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, mounted pavements at high speed and ploughed through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice last night.

One eyewitness filmed armed officers approaching the cab of the lorry and firing repeatedly through its windscreen and doors before it appears Bouhlet can be heard screaming after being hit by a police bullet.

The shootout came after his 30 minute rampage where he aimed at crowds watching firework and sent ‘bodies flying like bowling pins’ and left others ‘jammed’ under the lorry’s wheels at around 10.30pm local time last night.

Witness Nadar El Shafei told the BBC: ‘He died inside the vehicle – I saw his head [hanging] out of the window I could see it clearly, they kept shooting him from all sides just to be sure. They used a light to make sure no one else was inside the car then they asked us to run away in case there were others inside the car or a bomb.’

Heartbroken men and women refused to leave the bodies of their loved ones and the dead remain strewn across the famous Promenade des Anglais today.

French citizens, two Americans, one Armenian and one Ukrainian are among the dead with several Britons among the injured while dozens of panicked people have posted images of loved-ones still missing using the hashtags #Nice06 and #recherchenice.

At least ten of the victims were children, with young girls and boys lying dead covered in a blankets with their dolls and buggies still next to them. Footage taken at the time of the attack shows bodies piled up in the roads and people running from their lives as they tried to avoid the zig-zagging lorry while paramedics treated the injured and dying in the street.

The truck driver, who was known to police, was said to have shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ – God is great in Arabic – before being killed in a clear suicide mission. Pro-ISIS groups have been celebrating the attack, orchestrated to coincide with France’s most important national holiday.

This demon drove at 40 mph full tilt into that crowd, zig-zagging to hit more people. People were caught and dragged under his wheels. He sent bodies flying like bowling pins in his wake. French Police shot him and took him down. People ran for their lives. Bodies were all over the road covered in blankets. The dead children had their dolls next to them as their parents wept over their little lifeless bodies. The ISIS militant was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he murdered these people – he knew he would die and welcomed it for the Caliphate, for the Ummah and for his passage to paradise. Laughably, the US is claiming that ISIS is falling apart. No… they are shifting their tactics more towards cells and hitting soft targets. They are not falling apart, they are expanding. A huge cache of guns, grenades, ‘larger weapons’ and the terrorist’s identity papers were later found inside the lorry. ISIS supporters have been celebrating the attack, orchestrated to coincide with France’s most important national holiday. The gunman was known to police for crimes of theft and violence, but not intelligence services, a police source said. A suspected accomplice is on the run. This is the third major terrorist attack in France in 18 months and three days of mourning have been declared. My thoughts and prayers are with all those in France and those who lost loved ones. ISIS needs to be wiped from the face of the earth.


























Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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