BREAKING: ISIS Claims Responsibility For ‘NICE’ Attack – Then THIS Happens Immediately After…

BREAKING: ISIS Claims Responsibility For ‘NICE’ Attack – Then THIS Happens Immediately After…

ISIS has officially taken credit for the horrific attack in Nice, France that left 84 dead, among them, 10 children. 202 are wounded… 52 of those are children as well. 25 are on life support. There are still people missing. ISIS went to several media outlets to take credit for this atrocity and I have no doubt they were behind it. The media is making the Jihadist out to be a petty thief and a wife-beater. They are totally distancing themselves from Islam as an issue here, much less ISIS and terrorism. It’s shameful and they started on that meme right after ISIS claimed responsibility.


From Allen West:

The Islamic State claimed responsibility on Saturday for the Bastille Day attack on the seaside promenade in Nice, France, which killed 84 people and injured 202.

“The man behind the running-over operation in Nice, France, is a soldier from the Islamic State, and he carried out the attack to answer the calls for targeting the nationals of countries in the coalition that is fighting Islamic State,” said a statement from a social media account linked to the Amaq News Agency, which bills itself as the terrorist network’s semiofficial news outlet.

Also on Saturday, the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist communications, said that the Islamic State had featured its claim of responsibility in a news bulletin on its radio station, Al Bayan, and that it “threatened that ‘crusader states’ are not safe.”

I don’t think anyone out there who pays any attention whatsoever, for a moment doubted this was ISIS. But, just as with the attacks here in the US, the media and the Left do everything they can to blame it on guns or mental illness or anything but Islamic extremism. Obama flat out won’t connect any attack to Islam, but he sure as hell goes after the guns. That and wanting to federalize the police and strip us of more Constitutional rights. What do you expect from a man who came out last night to support Turkey’s Erdogan as he began his purge there to solidify an Islamic dictatorship? Anyone with two brain cells out there knows this is Islamic terrorism – all the lies in the world aren’t fooling people into thinking otherwise. If we can’t name the enemy, we can’t defeat them. The enemy is radical Islam and ISIS is its latest face.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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