BREAKING: Nearly 300 Dead in Terrifying ISIS Attack – Please Pray

BREAKING: Nearly 300 Dead in Terrifying ISIS Attack – Please Pray

Thank you ISIS for helping Muslims’ religion of peace end the month of 2016 Ramadan in a bloody massacre. The death toll from a devastating ISIS truck bomb in Baghdad this week has risen to 292 after dozens more of the wounded succumbed to their injuries, Iraqi officials said Thursday.


A further 200 people were injured in the attack, according to Ahmed Al-Redaini, spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Health.

Among the injured are dozens of burn victims who are being transferred outside the country for treatment, said Mohammad al-Rubaee, deputy head of the security committee for Baghdad province.

A statement from the country’s health ministry said DNA testing was being carried out to help identify the remains of 177 victims, so they could be returned to their families. The bodies of 115 victims have been returned to their loved ones so far, the statement said.

The immense blast in Baghdad’s bustling Karrada neighborhood, a predominantly Shia district, in the early hours of Sunday was the worst attack to strike the Iraqi capital in years.

After night of burning and bombing, mourning in Baghdad

The bomb-laden truck plowed into a building housing a coffee shop and stores shortly after midnight, when the surrounding streets were packed with people who had been gathering after breaking their Ramadan fasts.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack.

The fallout from the attack has included the resignation of Iraq’s interior minister, Mohammed Salem al-Ghabban, who stepped aside Tuesday citing a lack of “coordination among security systems” as the reason for his departure. In an embarrassing admission, the government has also had to order security personnel to stop using bogus bomb detectors that, for years, have been widely known to be useless.

Iraqi officials say they executed five ISIS members in the wake of the attack.

Analysts say this demonstration of the terror group’s capacity to strike in the heart of the capital may force a delay of the long-awaited government push to retake the northern metropolis of Mosul, the largest city under ISIS control.

ISIS celebrates the rising of the death toll while hundreds mourn the death of their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers…. very sad indeed.

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