Britain’s Media ELITES Claim ‘RACISM’ Was The Cause Of Westminster TERRORIST Attack!

Britain’s Media ELITES Claim ‘RACISM’ Was The Cause Of Westminster TERRORIST Attack!

This is bitingly stupid even for the Telegraph. Khalid Masood drove a car over a number of Brits and killed numerous people in London last week, including a retired man from Utah. Then he pulled a knife and went on a stabbing spree, killing a police officer and others as well. The Telegraph claimed he snapped. Why? Well, racism of course. He’s dead now (good riddance), but he had blamed being ostracized in his East Sussex village. Gee, I wonder why.

So, according to the liberal asshats at the Telegraph, it couldn’t possibly be that he was a murderous Jihadist, because Islam. No… he stabbed a cafe owner in the face and then the poor misunderstood man became radicalized in prison. This isn’t the fault of the villagers who were subjected to living around this murderous nut. It’s because he became a Muslim and then chose to interpret his faith the way he did. He also chose to be associated with ISIS from what I understand. I can understand his murderous insanity, what I can’t understand is the dhimmitude of the Telegraph.

From Breitbart:

In their reporting and social media coverage, Britain’s Daily Telegraph has strongly implied Islamist Khalid Masood went on a killing spree in central London because he’d once been a victim of racism in the past.

‘First picture of Khalid Masood reveals how he went from football-loving teenager to London attacker’ — the Telegraph article, which seeks to make sense of the murder with the very little information about the individual presently available to the general public, relies heavily on details of a conviction of Masood dating back to 2003.

Reporting an incident where Muslim convert Masood stabbed a cafe owner in the face with a knife, the Telegraph reports: “Masood, may have eventually snapped because of racism in his village”. This is based upon Masood’s own account of why he attacked a neighbour in a picturesque East Sussex village, when he told Hove crown court that villagers had “ostracised” him.

Why they’d do a thing, given his response, one can only imagine.

While this was merely his claim in defence of a presumably disfiguring attack on a shopkeeper, the Telegraph‘s social media output amplifies the certainty of the claim by stating, matter-of-factly: “London attacker Khalid Masood snapped because of racism in his village”.

Claiming that Masood was just a normal guy until racial persecution took place in village shops is laughable. These people will do anything to not point the finger at Islam and its doctrine. I don’t buy into this leftist argument of structuralism. That a person’s surroundings and social forces can force a person into becoming a demon like this. The left implies that these individuals have no choice in the matter and are a victim of circumstance with no responsibility or fault of their own. Bull crap.

Many of us grew up in less than ideal circumstances and most of us didn’t turn into religious fanatical killers. Despite being poor or living in a precarious environment, many people thrive and go on to do great and good things. Alienation and so-called Islamophobia don’t make these people killers, but it does give them an excuse for the horrors they commit, if we let them and that is what these idiots on the left do repeatedly. Instead of saying terrorists didn’t get enough love, look to their religious edicts and their predilection for violence and evil through that lens. Khalid Masood is responsible for killing five people last week and wounding over 20. He’s in a much warmer place now and the left is still making excuses for him.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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