City Councilwoman says a Holocaust Memorial is RACIST [VIDEO]

City Councilwoman says a Holocaust Memorial is RACIST [VIDEO]

This broad is not only deeply stupid, she’s a racist, evil moonbat. It’s a threefer. And to think people elected her. Birmingham, Alabama should be down right proud. City council woman Sheila Tyson threw a hissy fit because the board wanted to donate $45,500 to a memorial garden to honor victims and survivors of the Holocaust, instead of to Shadow Lawn, a cemetery in disrepair where Mooch’s great-great grandfather is buried. Tyson ended her rant with an accusation that the Holocaust memorial was being supported financially, over the Shadow Lawn cemetery, because of race. You see, it’s all about da Joos! At least she’s an overt racist… but short on brains. Way short.



An elected official doesn’t know the significance of the Holocaust, and claims proposal to build memorial is racist.

The Birmingham Holocaust Education Center has already raised about $500,000 to build a memorial garden to honor victims and survivors of the Holocaust that had ties to Birmingham, Alabama. The city was being asked to contribute $45,500 to help clear the lot.

City council woman Sheila Tyson objected to the proposal. Tyson had previously asked the city to pay for repairs at the historically black Shadow Lane Cemetery.

“Isn’t it still for dead people,” Tyson asked. “It is for dead people. Aren’t the people they are memorializing deceased?” “Dead is dead!” she argued.

The city attorney tried to explain the difference between the Holocaust memorial and a cemetery, but she still didn’t get it.

This woman is by no means unique. I’ve seen her type all across the nation in politics. It’s disgusting. First she claimed Shadow Lawn was the oldest cemetery in the country, then the world. It’s not even the oldest cemetery in Birmingham. She keeps saying ‘dead is dead!’ Yes, we’ve established that everyone is dead already, you moron. The Holocaust was a level of evil that is breathtaking and to do a memorial for those from Birmingham that were connected to it makes perfect sense. Shadow Lawn should be fixed up as well, but there is no reason both can’t be done. While they are at it, they should get rid of racist idiots from office there like this one… her salary could go towards fixing up that cemetery. We promised after the Holocaust, never again. To do that, you need to remember the people that were involved. Clearly this woman has either forgotten or doesn’t care.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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