Columbia University Student Blames Belgian Islamophobia for Recent Terror Atrocities

What to blame for the latest Islamic bloodbath? Not Islam, of course; that would be Islamophobic. Maybe it was Islamophobia that took at least 31 lives in Brussels:

A student at Columbia University has authored an editorial saying Belgians deserve to be blamed for Tuesday’s Islamic terrorist attack in Brussels because their society is a front of “Islamophobia.”

“Columbia’s vigils and memorial services allow us to mourn victims and condemn terrorism,” writes student Brian Min in the Columbia Daily Spectator. “Moving forward, however, they should condemn not only terrorism, but also the specific Islamophobic attitudes and policies that facilitated the recent attacks.”

Min, a freshman planning to study French as well as women, gender, and sexuality studies, argues that the Brussels attack and other terrorist attacks, are “usually not arbitrary events without any justification—they often are responses to institutionalized hate and oppression.”

Muslims must be masochists to pour into a country where they will be subjected to hate and oppression, although no doubt this is mitigated by generous welfare checks and the hate speech laws that can get you thrown in prison for offending Muslims.

“Belgium remains the only other country in the world besides France to have a national ban of full-face veils,” Min says. “Employers too often get away with discriminating against Muslim employees. It comes as no surprise that the municipality Molenbeek—the site of one of the explosions—has an unemployment rate of more than 25 percent where the majority of Muslim youths are denied equal access to the labor and housing market.”

In light of these accusations of discrimination, murdering random innocent people in subways and airports is an act of social justice.

Min’s solution to the escalating terror scourge is to repurpose vigils for the victims of Islam into platforms for pro-Islamic propaganda:

“[I]t is not enough for vigils and memorial services to broadly condemn Islamophobia and other forms of hatred that helped breed terrorist attacks,” he says. “They should also verbally denounce the specific forms of Islamophobia and hatred in relation to targeted nations and their policies of institutionalized discrimination, such as Belgium’s ban on full-face veils. In order to fight against Islamophobia and hate crimes that dramatically increase after major tragedies like the Brussels attacks, we must localize the specific Islamophobic policies and attitudes that helped to facilitate such attacks.”

That’s how terrorism works. First the maniacs kill a bunch of people. Then CAIR types and their moonbat fellow travelers demand concessions, with the implied threat that there will be more bloodshed if we don’t give Muslims whatever they want.

Columbia University is where the Frankfurt School established its beachhead. From there it spread its ideology throughout academia. Whether you call this ideology “cultural Marxism,” “critical theory,” or “political correctness,” it boils down to destroying Western Civilization by turning it against itself. Min demonstrates its practical application.

Allegedly caused by resistance to Islam.

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