Death by explosive necklace: ISIS ties mortar shells around rebel necks in execution videos

by Frank Lea | December 5, 2015 3:42 pm

ISIS has gotten barbarically creative with their executions and mass murders[1] in war torn Yemen.


People lined up and about to be beheaded.

isis execution[3]

Men shackled and sitting on the side of a mountain before a rocket launcher blows them up.

isis execution1[4]

The remote rocket launcher pointed at the soon to be blown up men.

isis mortar necklace execution[5]

Mortar necklace before detonation.

  out to sea[6]

Men pushed out to see on a small boat that has a bomb attached.

out to sea boom[7]

The bomb detonates and sends bits of boat and flesh everywhere in the surrounding area. Also hurts the innocent wildlife in the sea.

In one video, four men in orange jumpsuits stand with mortar shells tied around their necks like lanyards. 

A deafening blast then sends huge amounts of soil and rock into the air. As the dust settles, the men’s destroyed, charred bodies can be made seen.

In another of the group’s gruesome propaganda videos, a group of men are led single file onto a boat which is then pushed out to sea.

As they sit there, shackled and helpless, the boat and the men on board are blown up remotely.

Six men were killed when a remotely triggered rocket launcher fired a grenade at them, as they sate on the side of a rocky hill.

Nine more were led to a deserted outpost somewhere in Yemen, their hands tied behind their backs, and beheaded by masked ISIS fanatics.

I still ask – what is the purpose of this? None of it makes sense to me.

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