Fmr Black Panther Takes to Social Media Calling For ACTION After Vegas Shooting ‘Our Culture Is Under Attack’ [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | October 2, 2017 1:47 pm

Mason Weaver, a former Black Panther, did an awesome video on the shooting in Las Vegas. In it he points out that it doesn’t matter whether it was a leftist, an Islamic extremist or a communist Antifa goon. The reason this happened is because our culture has changed and he’s right. Somewhere down the road, it became acceptable to hurt others and to kill if you felt offended enough. Everything has been uber politicized and the anger is being stoked by both sides. The results are deadly as you can see in Las Vegas with 58 dead and over 500 wounded.

We have forgotten what it means to be an American… to defend our culture and our way of life. To take pride in our country and our citizens, and yes, in our President. The killer knew he would become infamous for killing so many and probably hoped to hurt conservatives and the President by doing so. He wanted the infamy and he knew there was no way out for himself. That’s why he committed suicide before SWAT could get to him on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay. As Weaver points out, this is not how we behave as Americans. And he’s also right when he says this guy didn’t just ‘snap’. This was pre-planned and well-organized. It was premeditated mass murder. He brought over ten weapons and checked into the hotel three days before the killing spree even happened. He was waiting for the perfect moment and carried out his plan meticulously.


Weaver calls this a cultural glitch in who we are as a people. Again, that is exactly right. This is the radical fringe. Think of it as a circle where the violent radicals congregate. It’s where fascists and communists meet… it’s where terrorists play. Instead of pulling together as Americans, we have Balkanized America. We have divided our country into smaller, mutually hostile groups. Now we have 28 different genders, homosexuals, African Americans, Native Americans and the list goes on and on and on. This was all part of a communist plan to tear us apart as a culture, a nation and as a society and we fell for it. Just ask an ex-Black Panther and he’ll tell you. There is no one who knows communism better than an ex-communist, or someone who knows terrorism better than an ex-terrorist.

It’s not in fashion to be American. People try to bully Americans and shame them for being patriotic and for loving their country. They label them as racist and violent, when for the overwhelming majority, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you almost exclusively find the violence on the left with the communists who created this mess in the first place. We’ve allowed cowardly, wimpy, pansified leftists to take over our country and teach and control our children. Shame on all of us.

Americans know we are the freest, greatest nation on earth. Yet, we allow those who would destroy us and our way of life to control the narrative. It’s time to put all the division aside and declare that you are a proud American period. No race, no gender, no religion, no political affiliation… you are simply and greatly an American. Start acting like one.

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