Gov. McAuliffe Of Charlottesville Says There Is No Place For The Alt-Right In America, Remains Silent On Antifa [VIDEO]

Gov. McAuliffe Of Charlottesville Says There Is No Place For The Alt-Right In America, Remains Silent On Antifa [VIDEO]

Before I dig into this, let me just say that Governor Terry McCauliffe is a raging Marxist and a dedicated coward. In Charlottesville, Virginia when the rioting began, he hid in a building surrounded by heavy security, quaking in his loafers and hiding behind guns that he bans for everyone else. The police had the go-ahead to protect McCauliffe, but at the same time were ordered to stand down and let both sides there have at each other. McCauliffe says there is no room in America for the Alt-Right. But he did not say a damn thing about Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who were also getting their violence on in the streets there.

I want to make sure I’m abundantly clear on this issue. I think that the KKK and the Nazis should be designated as terrorist groups. On the other side though, I also think that groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, the Nation of Islam and CAIR should also all be designated as terrorist groups. They are all racists and violent thugs. Now, as for the Alt-Right, I know that a lot of people say there are two sides to it… one being the fringe which are the white nationalists and the other being American patriots on the right. I get that. But I would say to anyone calling themselves Alt-Right, you need to find another name and distance yourself from these white nationalists, because fair or not, the leftists will bludgeon you with that.

From Breitbart:

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Charlottesville, VA — The usually busy streets of the historic downtown of Charlottesville saw its tourists and locals substituted with heavily armed police and protesters this afternoon, following altercations which lasted from Friday night through to Saturday morning.

Originally billed as a protest in favour of free speech — alongside the disdain over the removal of Confederate statues in the city — the “alt-right” rally found itself transformed into a torch-wielding, Nazi-flag waving dereliction of American values — at least considering the publicity afforded to the event, and the behaviour of some of the rally’s attendees.

In brief, what transpired amounted to a disgusting and unwelcome throwback to segregationist ideas and rhetoric at a time when patriotic conservatism is gaining ground. While many media minutes and deliberations will be afforded to the fascistic right, almost none will be dedicated to the fascistic left.

Gun control supporter Governor Terry McAuliffe was whisked into a downtown building under massively armed police protection in the middle of the afternoon, via a small alleyway off Main Street. One female witness to the scene shouted, “Thank you for showing up!”

Through thick and thin, I have remained a constitutional conservative just like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and Rand Paul. It’s not popular these days and when Trump was running for office, I was told more than once that constitutional conservatism is dead and I should throw my support behind populism. I will never do that. The Constitution is the law of this country. It is our founding document. No amount of populism could ever take its place. And in fact, populism often leads to violence like we are seeing now. Read history and you will see that is correct.

As for McAuliffe, it is my opinion he was glad to see the fighting. He probably was shocked that people died. But you can’t call out one side and ignore the other and still claim you are against the violence. You must denounce all of them equally. Trump is absolutely not at fault here, no matter what the left claims – he did not get that young woman killed. A mentally unhinged, racist did that, perhaps with the help of others. Both Trump and Sessions were quick to denounce the violence and open an investigation. But nothing will ever be good enough for the likes of commie McAuliffe and the left. Nothing.

After the beginning of the riots in Charlottesville, hard leftists sang songs, re-purposing Lady Gaga’s hit song “Paparazzi” with the words “pop a Nazi.” One man said it was the “wrong day to be white in this town,” while the abandoned stores and bars sported signs that read: “We kindly ask to respect our policy to not bring weapons inside our restaurant or on our patio.” After that poor girl was killed, leftists roamed the streets with sticks and clubs screaming, “F**k Donald Trump!”

What happened in Charlottesville should never have happened at all and wouldn’t have if the police had been allowed to do their jobs. This is no longer about free speech. You can’t use that as a cover to get your violence on and hurt and kill others. See video below. But there’s plenty of blame on both sides and McAuliffe should be condemned for quietly condoning the actions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, while condemning white nationalists. They are all bad… and make no mistake McCauliffe is also part of the problem.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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