Haunting Footage Shows Stunned Face Of Little Boy…They Say No One Is Safe [VIDEO]

Haunting Footage Shows Stunned Face Of Little Boy…They Say No One Is Safe [VIDEO]

War is not pretty. And the victims of it will haunt your dreams. My father fought in WWII. He had nightmares the rest of his life and always woke up swinging as if the fight was on. The ravages of war scar deeply and sometimes, they never heal.

This little boy pictured is part of the collateral damage in Syria. Bloodied and blinded in one eye, he stares into space, almost catatonic. He is an innocent 5 year-old pulled from the rubble in Aleppo. I’m sure all this child ever wanted was love, food, shelter and a safe and warm home. That was ripped from him. Why? In a word… radical Islam and its warring factions.

The little boy’s name is Omran and he lived with his family in an apartment building in the rebel-held eastern quarter of the city.


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From the Daily Mail:

To those who know about the traumas of war, it is ‘the thousand-yard stare’ — that blank look from unfocused eyes that have seen too much but cannot comprehend the horror they have witnessed.

The phrase was coined in World War II to describe the haunted faces of shell-shocked soldiers coming out of battle. An artist who captured it back then asked plaintively: ‘How much can a human stand?’

And here it is again, on the face of a five-year-old boy, an innocent pulled from the rubble of the battle-ravaged Syrian city of Aleppo after an air strike by government forces, just the latest casualty in that benighted country’s blood-soaked civil war.

I feel real sympathy for those caught up in this conflict. But I also know that by the very nature of war, this is the result. There will always be death and destruction. There will always be those who lose everything and are broken inside and out.

Last week, Omran was sitting in his home with his mom, dad, two brothers and his sister when bombers struck with no warning. They were Assad’s men, but they could have just as easily been the US’ rebels, or the Russians. Omran’s family was in the line of attack. The child was pulled from the rubble – he was in so much shock, he could not even cry. His family did survive, but they lost everything.

Syria is basically destroyed. Aleppo and other great cities lay in ruin from the fighting that seems to never end. People die and no one seems to notice or care. What makes the headlines is when the rebels or Assad’s goons take what is left of a city. They are now fighting over dust and bones.

Omran’s face is the face of the Syrian civil war. This is the evil that men do in the name of religion and power.



Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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