Muslim Man Who Mowed Down FIVE Men With His Van, PRAISED As ‘Good Family Guy’ By Judge

Muslim Man Who Mowed Down FIVE Men With His Van, PRAISED As ‘Good Family Guy’ By Judge

Just wow. A Muslim van driver deliberately took a van, mounted the pavement and drove into five men who he was ticked off at. He claims they were racist against him while he was observing Ramadan. Lugman Aslam, who is 26, was involved in a fight with the men before mowing them down in Leicester city center. That’s in England. Amazingly, no one was killed. Lots of bruising, etc., but no serious injuries. This happened on June 28th last year. The real story is how a judge just addressed the crime. SMH.

Recorder (circuit judge) Justin Wigoder actually praised the van driver… you read that right. He said he was “a good family man” who was behaving “completely out of character.” This ‘good family man’ got into an altercation with five guys and backed his van into one of them. He left and came back with the van for another taste of Jihad. He plowed into the five men to “get [his] own back.” He sure found a sympathetic judge. Frankly, that is a judge who should be removed from the bench. You are supposed to rule on facts as they pertain to the law, not your personal feelings.

From Breitbart:

“I’ve seen it on CCTV and you deliberately mounted the pavement and drove straight at them and right through the middle of them at speed,” Wigoder said.

“Some were thrown to the side and three were struck by your vehicle front-on, with one going over the bonnet and hitting the windscreen.

“It’s quite remarkable that nobody was seriously hurt or killed and the only injuries complained of were bruises and scratches.

“One indication of the force of the collision was your windscreen was smashed – you claimed it had been hit by an animal when you got it repaired.

“You accept your intention, driving at them, was to cause serious injury and that’s what makes this case so serious.

“The motivation was driving at them to get your revenge, to get your own back from the fact they’d assaulted you.”

However, the judge then went on to say that he accepted the potentially deadly attack “was completely out of character” for the perpetrator, whom he praised as “a good family man” with glowing references.

“You’re of very positive good previous character and I’ve received a considerable number of references setting out all the good that is in you,” he said.

Get that? The judge even says he was lucky no one was killed and it was deliberate. But because of great references etc., the judge deemed this to be a good man. He just accidentally committed Jihad I guess. Nadeem Aullybocus, defending, explained that Aslam “was fasting [for Ramadan] on that day and had been doing so for about 20 days” when he carried out the attack. What? He was cranky because he was hungry and that makes this okay?

Aslam pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and attempting to inflict intentional grievous bodily harm. He received a five-year sentence and a four-and-a-half year driving ban. The way the judge was praising the guy, I figured he would walk. At least he didn’t kill anyone… this time. However, with the automatic parole provisions in the Criminal Justice Act of 2003, it is unlikely he will serve more than half of his prison term in custody. So, he’ll be out before you know it looking for a new van and new victims. This is at the heart of Europe’s problem… you say crime, I say terrorism.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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