Mystery Sniper Has ISIS Leaders Living In Fear For Their Lives After Doing THIS To Their Comrades…

Mystery Sniper Has ISIS Leaders Living In Fear For Their Lives After Doing THIS To Their Comrades…

Now, this gives me a happy. Seriously. In the last two weeks a sniper has taken out three top ISIS leaders long-range in the coastal city of Sirte in Libya. ISIS is in a panic over it and is sweeping the city for the killer they call ‘Daesh hunter’. I’d be greatly surprised if they find him. ISIS has over 3,000 fighters in the city now. A city they captured last year. The first ISIS leader to lose his life was Hamad Abdel Hady, a Sudanese national who was killed on January 13th, according to the Libya Prospect. He is said to have been an official in the Sharia court, handing out ISIS’ warped and violent sense of justice. Abu Mohammed Dernawi was killed on January 19th, near his home. The most recent death is rumored to be that of Abdullah Hamad al Ansari, a high-up commander from southern Libya, who was shot dead as he left a mosque on January 23rd.


From the Daily Mail:

ISIS chiefs are living in fear of a mystery sniper after it was rumoured three of the evil terror group’s leaders had been assassinated within 10 days of each other by a long-range marksman.

The leaders are said to have been picked off one-by-one in Sirte, the Libyan coastal city where Muammar Gaddaffi was born, which the militants took control of last year.

According to unconfirmed social media reports, ISIS fighters are now sweeping the city for the man ordinary Libyans are said to be dubbing ‘Daesh hunter’.

This may have actually started months ago in July when an ISIS preacher was shot dead in that city. The people in this city are terrorized and terrified. Those who could flee, have already done so. Some say the sniper doesn’t even exist, but the dead commanders belie that claim. Whoever the sniper is, he has become a hero and a legend in the community and is being cheered on far and wide. Thousands have fled for their lives. Beatings, floggings, beheadings and crucifixions have become common now. Even the most minor infraction under Sharia law has horrific consequences. Here’s to the Daesh hunter… may he take many more of the bastards out.




Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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