Orlando Shooter’s Father Speaks Out – Who He Blames for the Attack? UNREAL

Orlando Shooter’s Father Speaks Out – Who He Blames for the Attack? UNREAL

In the aftermath of anguish caused by the Orlando massacre, there is a huge push to find blame in anything and everything that is not radical Islam. As we have experienced before, Obama’s America first attacks the 2nd Amendment. It is yet again the gun’s fault and not the wicked man who made the choice to massacre 49 innocent people and injure 53 others. Now, the shooter’s father comes out with what HE blames for his Son’s evil doings. This is sickening.

Seddique Mateen speaks with reporters at his home in Port Saint Lucie

From Allen West:

As The Daily Mail reports:

The father of Omar Mateen has blamed security staff at Pulse nightclub for not preventing the murder of 49 innocent people.

Seddique Mateen said religion had nothing to do with the massacre and that he wished his son was alive so he could ask him why he did it.

His son, Omar, a 29-year-old bodybuilder of Afghan origin, shot down clubbers and injured dozens at the Orlando club on Sunday morning.

Mr Mateen told Sky News: ‘The first thing I want to say is that the club should have had good security. The club (with) 300 or 400 people are coming, they should have had a good security.

‘My personal feeling (is) he is responsible, the club is responsible for not having good security. If there was a good communication with the security there, they could have protected much better.’

Hmm, wonder if Mateen thinks lives could have been saved it people had guns?

His son, who had pledged his allegiance to ISIS on the phone to police, was killed by SWAT officers when he opened fire after crawling out of a hole made to rescue clubbers.

He added the attack had ‘nothing to do with religion’.

All this looking for who and what and how to blame everything and anyone for this man’s actions against humanity is exhausting and quite frankly, pisses me off. We are wasting so much time bickering among one another and the enemy is laughing at us for it. If that’s how we are going to continue on, then we ourselves might as well be put on the list of who to blame for our own demise. Wicked people do wicked things, it does not matter with what tools they use to do it with. Also, if 49 people being massacred is STILL not enough to make Americans see we have a real problem here, then what will be enough? 100 deaths? 200 lives taken? If that’s not enough innocence lost, then what will it take?

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