REALLY!? Liberals BLAMING American Foreign Policy For Brussels Bombing – Saying THIS!

REALLY!? Liberals BLAMING American Foreign Policy For Brussels Bombing – Saying THIS!

This is another specious argument. Whereas Ted Cruz is right that Donald Trump’s desire to defund NATO would put Europe at even greater risk and imperil us as well, Trump’s viewpoint on the border that is the same as Cruz’s has nothing to do with Brussels. If anything, securing our borders would do the opposite and protect us from terror attacks. Trump may be many things, but he is not an isolationist. He is a globalist that believes in negotiation. If Brussels had closed its borders as Trump had said they should they might have fended off this and future attacks. Instead they keep pushing the same loony policy of letting everyone in as if that had nothing to do with ushering in terrorists. It’s mind blowing that these people keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results. That is the very definition of insanity.

From Young Conservatives:

Against them is the radical isolationism of Donald Trump, from whom the Brussels bloodshed promptedanother call to “close up our borders,” and who on Monday questioned the value of U.S. support for NATO allies such as Belgium. Though GOP rival Ted Cruz rejected Mr. Trump’s position on NATO, his answer to Brussels was similar: He, too, stressed “secur[ing] the southern border” and curtailing refu­gee flows, along with patrols of “Muslim neighborhoods.”

More than at any time since 1940, America’s commitment to its European allies is at issue in a presidential campaign. The tragic events of Brussels illuminate the folly of Mr. Trump’s position. The Islamic State has targeted all Western democracies, along with Israel and the Sunni states of the Middle East; it regards Belgians and Americans equally as enemies. Destroying the group — as Mr. Trump says is necessary — cannot be done without fighting its tendrils wherever they appear — in Europe as well as the Middle East, in Africa and in cyberspace. However much they are reinforced, borders will provide no protection to Americans if the jihadists are not defeated elsewhere.

Obama doesn’t have a plan to eradicate ISIS and he doesn’t care. You can see that simply by looking at his actions in Cuba and Argentina. The Washington Post in this article supports leftists as the only responsible ones: “One one side are those who support the internationalist response of President Obama, who said the United States “will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally Belgium,” and who asserted that “we must be together, regardless of nationality or race or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.” That view was broadly shared by Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders and Republican John Kasich.” Notice they included Kasich… that tells you all you need to know about him. These people would do nothing to protect us. At least Trump is strong on stopping illegal immigration and unvetted Muslim refugees. That would stop a lot of the terrorism right there. And while I support NATO, I also believe covered countries need to pony up more of their fair share of the cost there. These liberals hate America and call her a bully until they need her money or her military and then they say it is our responsibility to lead. You want isolationism? I say we eradicate ISIS and take care of America first.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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