Shocking New Video from Inside Orlando Nightclub Emerges

Shocking New Video from Inside Orlando Nightclub Emerges

Shocking footage posted to social media has been recovered by a friend of one of the Orlando massacre victims. She was filming the moment gunshots rang out as the monster, Omar Mateen, carried out his massacre last Sunday.

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From the Daily Mail:

One of the Orlando massacre victims filmed the moment gunshots rang out as terrorist Omar Mateen carried out his massacre in Pulse nightclub on Sunday.
Amanda Alvear, 25, shared the footage with friends on Snapchat.
During the night she had posted a series of upbeat videos that showed her friends dancing to Latin music.

But in the final clip on her profile, the night turns into a horror scene. Amanda tries to explain to the camera what is happening as quickfire gunshots blast in the background.
Clutching her face and looking fearful, she whispers ‘shooting’ then turns and the video cuts.
On Monday, Amanda was confirmed as one of the 49 people killed in the worst mass shooting in US history.

After seeing this, it is sickening to think about the comments of the President after this horror took place. If these people were armed with the mentality and protection that is their right, instead of just cell phones and fear – how different would the outcome have been? But, in Obama’s America, that right is being blurred and the people are being blinded by the smokescreens the government is putting up at a massive rate. It’s weakening minds and allowing this kind of terror to take place without resistance. This is wrong.

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