State Department: American Man Celebrating Wedding Anniversary Among The Dead In Barcelona

State Department: American Man Celebrating Wedding Anniversary Among The Dead In Barcelona

In case you were wondering exactly how much you should hate the terrorists who murdered men, women and children in Barcelona and injured 100 people, the answer is: A whole hell of a lot more.

We now know the identity of the American who was among those killed in Spain during the ramming that killed 13.

You might wanna sit down for this, because you’re gonna be outraged.

Jared Tucker, 42, was among those killed during the attack.

He was a Californian who was in Spain with his wife Heidi Nunes celebrating their one-year anniversary. They were enjoying drinks on Las Ramblas when the terrorists made their way up the street in a white van traveling at a high rate of speed.

Nunes spoke with NBC News about the incident that took the life of her husband.

“Next thing I know there’s screaming, yelling. I got pushed inside the souvenir kiosk and stayed there hiding while everybody kept running by screaming.”

On Friday, the State Department confirmed that an American was among the dead in Spain, with Rex Tillerson saying that he had “received word and confirmed the death of one American citizen in the terrorist attack in Spain.”

According to The Daily Caller, an unnamed State Department official told ABC News that another American had sustained minor injuries in the attack.

The Spanish authorities have stated that there are more casualties that have yet to be confirmed, meaning that the number of Americans among the dead could rise in the next few days as the victims begin to have names put to their faces.

This is a horrifying incident that needs to be taken seriously not just in Spain, but all around the world. We can no longer stand idly by and capitulate to these monsters while innocent citizens are quite literally mowed down in the streets. We need to take action.

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