TERROR: Munich Attacker Identified As Teen Who Targeted Children, While Screaming THIS!

TERROR: Munich Attacker Identified As Teen Who Targeted Children, While Screaming THIS!

In Munich yesterday, horror unfolded at a shopping mall. An 18 year-old German man, who was also an Iranian Muslim, wounded 20 people, killing at least nine. Three are critically injured. Some of those he opened fire on were children in a McDonald’s and they are among the dead. That is where he started his killing. The police say he was a lone wolf and he killed himself. They also claim Islam had nothing to do with this. I’m calling bull crap on both of those points. When this broke out, they were searching for multiple shooters. Now suddenly, it’s one guy again. An eyewitness told CNN earlier Friday evening that she heard the shooter shout “Allah is great!” “I hear this ‘Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar,’ the eyewitness, identified as Lauretta, said. “This I know because I’m Muslim too. I hear this and I only cry.” You just keep on claiming that Islam had nothing to do with this and ISIS will just keep on killing more people. Pathetic.


From BizPac Review:

Munich Police say the perpetrator of the horrific shooting Friday evening was a German-born man who also held Iranian citizenship.

During a press conference, Munich Police chief Hubertus Andra said the man who killed 9 people in a shooting rampage at a large shopping mall was an 18-year-old German who also had Iranian citizenship, the Guardian reported. Andra also said the gunman was a long-time resident of Munich and had no previous criminal record.

The Munich Police tweeted that the suspected shooter shot himself and appeared to be the only shooter.

Police are still investigating the shooter’s motives, which remain “fully unclear,” according to the Guardian. Really? Seriously? He’s yelling, ‘God is great!’ and you can’t figure out his motive? But it had NOTHING to do with Islam or terrorism. You are kidding us right? The Germans have simply lost it. Terrorism is terrorism and regardless of who or how many are doing these evil deeds, it is spreading with the help of ISIS. Unless people start facing that fact and confronting the evil before them, many, many more are going to die horrible deaths and this will never end. My thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of those who died in Munich yesterday. It just never ends.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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