TERROR STRIKES AGAIN! Suicide Belts BLOW In The Middle Of Protesters – 80 DEAD! [VIDEO]

by Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | July 23, 2016 2:46 pm

ISIS is on a roll.[1] And frankly, they don’t give a damn who they kill evidently. Today they set off explosions in the middle of protesters killing at least 80, with more than 260 wounded in Kabul, Afghanistan. ISIS was quick to claim credit for the atrocity. Two ISIS fighters detonated their suicide belts among the protesters, according to ISIS’ media wing, Amaq. The blast in Kabul on Saturday afternoon happened during a demonstration by members of the Hazara, a Shiite minority group, near the Afghan Parliament building and Kabul University. The group was demanding a large power project that could potentially ensure a power supply through their home Bamyan province, a relatively isolated area west of Kabul. And for that and not adhering to strict Sunni Muslim doctrine, they slaughtered the protesters. The dead are Shia Muslims this time.


From Allen West:

CNN reports[3]:

ISIS is claiming responsibility for killing dozens of people during a peaceful demonstration by a minority group in Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday.

“I saw tens of people laying down in blood around me and hundreds of people running away from the scene,” said Fatima Faizi, an Afghan freelance journalist.

So far, 64 bodies (now updated to at least 80) and more than 260 wounded people were taken to hospitals in Kabul, according to Ismail Kawoosi, a spokesman for the Afghan Health Ministry

The attack, the worst in terms of casualties in several weeks, drew attention to ISIS instead of the Taliban, which had been credited with recent bombings.

Gee, according to Obama and Kerry, ISIS is on the run and just about finished. Does this look to you like they are defeated? Nope… not by a long shot. They are expanding and stretching out. They are strengthening you idiots, because NO ONE is really fighting them. All life is precious and any that are murdered by the likes of ISIS are to be mourned. We need warriors who will aggressively take out these demons. The Hazara in the past have demanded the government protect them from attacks blamed on the Sunni Taliban and ISIS. Saturday’s attack is the latest in a rash of kidnappings and bombings in Kabul, which have heightened security fears in the nation’s capital. ISIS is just warming up… the death toll is skyrocketing and they seem to be all over the planet. They remind me of cockroaches scurrying from the light and are just as hard to kill off.


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