Three explosions in a day, something very different about the third

Three explosions in a day, something very different about the third

Hot on the heels of a pipe bomb going off in New Jersey at a charity 5K race for Marines and sailors, and then an IED going off in Manhattan last night injuring 29, we have another explosion yesterday. This one though, doesn’t seem to be terrorist related… at least as far as we know yet. There was an underground transformer explosion near the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville. No one was injured and it is being investigated.

You can’t blame residents though for cringing over it and fearing the worst. There was no fire or smoke. The transformer is owned by Dominion Power. No sabotage is suspected here. It looks like a fluke, but then again, who knows?



The Charlottesville Fire Department was investigating a reported underground explosion of a transformer owned by Dominion on the Downtown Mall.

The fire chief says there was no fire or smoke, and no injuries from the reported explosion near the Downtown Mall between 3rd Street and Water Street.

“We are still investigation reports of an explosion on the street. There’s no fire at this time, there’s no smoke. We are waiting on Dominion Power to arrive and assist us with the investigation,” said Chief Mike Johnson.

Johnson says the damage was contained to the underground transformer. The situation has been turned over to Dominion.

It did make the news and the fire department was called. It happened near the Bank of America and there was no damage to speak of. This is being investigated though and the situation has been turned over to Dominion. Probably because the damage was restricted to their transformer.

As in so many of these cases, we will probably never know the real cause of the explosion. It could have been a default or caused by water seepage or even by rodents. It’s also possible someone messed with it, but if they did, they were incompetent as it didn’t affect much of anything or anyone. It is far more likely it was just an accident.

Having said that, we all remember what looked to be a dry run on power stations out west and how they were shot at and sabotaged. This was not in the same class as those incidents, but people are sure to speculate on it. Me… I’m far more worried about the stabbings in St. Cloud, Minnesota, the IEDs in Manhattan and the pipe bombs in New Jersey. It’s sad when you grade your reactions to explosions these days.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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