UK Leader Makes CHILLING Terror Announcement [VIDEO]

Either Theresa May has totally lost it, or her globalist fascism is showing. Yesterday, in her speech addressing the London Bridge terrorist attacks, she called for stronger measures to fight Islamic extremism. Did she call for the monitoring of mosques? No. How about military action? No. Did she call for the shutting down of Britain’s borders? No. Did she call for extreme vetting of refugees? No. Did she call for the aggressive hunting down of the 23,000 Jihadists in Britain? Of course not. No… she wants to censor the Internet. What that will do is cause further punishment of so-called Islamophobes and it will still let ISIS terrorists continue their killing sprees. SMH.

It was bad enough when May reduced the London police force by 20,000 last year. Now this. Hopefully, she will lose reelection. Better yet, she should just resign, but she won’t. May wants to work ‘globally’ to censor the Internet. Talk about the chilling of free speech. And if she thinks that Jihadists are going to willingly stop killing infidels and instead embrace Britain’s pluralistic values, she’s nuttier than I thought.

From The Daily Caller:

British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a bold measure after her nation suffered yet another deadly terror attack in the heart of London.

No, May did not call for reforming the United Kingdom’s immigration policies or shutting down known extremist mosques. She instead called for restricting the internet.

“We need to work with allied democratic governments to reach international agreements to regulate cyberspace to prevent the spread of extremist and terrorism planning,” May stated in her Sunday speech. She also declared that the “pluralistic values of Britain” must be established as “superior” to any other value set.

It is undoubtedly true that ISIS and other Islamic terror groups have benefited from the internet in gaining new recruits and spreading their dangerous message to the world.

However, we should be suspicious of the British government wanting to clamp down on the internet in the name of combating “extremism.” For one, the “extremism” that would likely come under regulation would be from critics of Islamism, rather than Islamism itself.

The UK has a lengthy record for targeting so-called “Islamophobia” spread on the Internet. Back in 2013, the British government arrested several citizens in the middle of the night over their “racist” comments following a Muslim extremist decapitating British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight. Those actions would be amplified many fold under what May is now proposing.

For speaking out against radical Islam, you are now censored heavily on social media. You are accused of hate speech and Islamophobia… all for pointing out they are killing us and we are at war with radical Islam. It’s insane out there these days. I honestly don’t know how long this can go on before Progressives realize that they must secure their borders, vet those coming into their countries and confront the evil in their streets from Islamists once and for all. Censoring everyone is not how you do that.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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