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by John Hawkins | February 5, 2016 10:49 am

If Rubio isn’t very appealing to us, maybe there’s a reason for that, and maybe, rather than assuming “Other people will love him,” we should assume something closer to “Other people will find the same defects in him that we do.” — Ace[1]

I have had more than one medical professional warn me that Donald Trump is a pathological narcissistic sociopath. …The scriptures teach us that when a people lose themselves to unrighteousness they “cry out for a King”. This is what we are doing. We must find our first principles again or we will joyfully welcome a king.

Donald Trump will be more than happy to be your king.

However, it is vital to remember, —- all kings have a dungeon.

And he is trying to put Megyn Kelly and anyone else that does not agree, say nice things about him, will not endorse or play by his rules in his dungeon right now. — Glenn Beck[2]

(Trump) says he’s not a politician, but he is. He does whatever is politically expedient in order to elevate himself. And I don’t blame him. I don’t blame any of the politicians. That’s what they do. — Ben Carson[3]

If voters feel like the 2016 election is the last election to save the American experiment, Ted Cruz really is their only option. If voters feel like things are coming to an end in this country without drastic action, they really do not have a choice between Rubio and Cruz. They have only Cruz. Cruz is the disruptive candidate. A voter who feels like the end is near without drastic action has to take the gamble on Cruz, who still has a good chance to win.

Rubio, on the other hand, is the candidate for voters who think the best days are still ahead of us regardless of what happens in 2016. Democrats may fear Rubio as a candidate, but the base of the Democratic Party does not fear him like Ted Cruz. They think they could wait out Marco Rubio, even after eight years in power, and see few of their advances surrendered.

Washington’s lobbyists think that Marco Rubio will not be a disruptive force to them. They know Washington will still be mostly the center of people’s lives to a a greater degree with Marco Rubio than with Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz will burn Washington to the ground and throw lobbyists on the street. Marco Rubio will strategically raze parts of Washington, putting fewer lobbyists in danger than Cruz. At least that is the thinking and it is the thinking that is reflected in the attacks on both men. — Erick Erickson[4]

The point is only that Trump is well within today’s political norms — at least the debased norms established by our corrupt media and by public perceptions of what is said and done by supposedly caring and empathetic progressives such as Obama, Clinton, Biden, and Reid. The battle to create a polite and courteous society in 21st-century America was lost some years ago — often by hypocrites who now both engage in and deplore political smear and slander. — Victor Davis Hanson[5]

According to the numbers, the best measure of a woman’s sexual pleasure is his level of commitment to her. In a study involving 24,000 college students, 40 percent of women surveyed said they had an orgasm during their last hookup, while closer to 75 percent reported having an orgasm the last time they had sex in a committed relationship. — Jennifer Joyner[6]

And Donald Trump — I don’t know if you’ve forgotten — one thing that I remember is that he went out and again tried to criticize Cruz. Cruz here is the front-runner. Cruz is not the enemy. Hillary Clinton is the enemy. Ted Cruz is not “a nasty guy.” Ted Cruz is not a Canadian. Ted Cruz is none of that. He’s not mean-spirited. Ted Cruz doesn’t want anybody to die in the streets. Nobody’s gonna believe that, especially when you offer that criticism sounding as though it could come from Bernie Sanders. In a Republican primary, you do not win if you’re going to sound like a liberal Democrat criticizing Ted Cruz. — Rush Limbaugh[7]

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