This Week in Quotes

by John Hawkins | May 27, 2016 3:42 am

Our universities are now the most hostile place in the country to actual thought. — Ace[1]

So, according to the mainstream media, some good-hearted, well-meaning rioters were peacefully rioting down the street when they were hate-accosted by some Trump supporters who had gathered in a hate rally. I’m so happy to see the US becoming what the Founders intended it to be: Venezuela. — Ace[2]

Some of the coverage of Ben Rhodes is what happens when you put van drivers and campaign flaks and failed novelists in charge of foreign policy and national security. — Tom Cotton[3]

Promiscuous sex and drug use are not exceptional or marginalized currents in gay culture. They are an omnipresent force in every register, crook, and cranny of the gay world. The new and disturbing “Poz Me” trend merging in gay culture needs to be nationally discussed. This culture consists in underground online sites where gay men who are HIV negative hook up with men who are not and beg to be “breeded” by HIV-positive men. — Jason Hill[4]

Until gay men forge a new moral contract that combats their disproportionate drug use, sexual promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, depression, and suicides, then gay culture will die—not by one apocalyptic blow but, rather, by bleeding to death upon thousands of tiny scratches. This death is predicated on a lethal and pathological form of individualism that afflicts gay men more than any other group. It’s the idea that “I am already whole. I am complete. I only need someone to complement me.”

Happy, self-confident, and complete people are not manically driven to pursue drug-infested bathhouses and underground parties. This lie we tell ourselves drives us to seek validation, completion, and wholeness in very unhealthy ways. Happy, self-confident, and complete people are not manically driven to pursue drug-infested bathhouses and underground parties that are heartbreakingly meant to fulfill an obvious emptiness at the epicenter of such individuals” souls. — Jason Hill[4]

I think this analysis misunderstands how Reagan framed himself as a candidate. He was not running to be winner of the CPAC straw poll or get the most conservative endorsements. He made it clear he was running to revive the U.S. economy and defeat the Soviet Union. Those were objectives that made it easy for any voter to support him. A majority ended up getting behind him because his ideas achieved those objectives, not because they dazzled on an ideological scorecard. — Bill Kristol[5]

Hillary Clinton is the second-worst presidential candidate in American history, but fortunately for her, she’s going up against #1. — Jim Treacher[6]

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