This Week In Quotes: April 2 – April 8

The pedo priests are trying to cover up the number of LITTLE GIRLS they have molested too, as if that doesn’t matter as much as what happens to boys. Trust me, the number of girls raped and molested by priests is at least double the boys. They are trying to cover it all up so that they can end up purging gay priests, and laying the blame on them. The fact is pedos like to rape both boys and girls, and only a small number of pedos are exclusively into male children.

I am starting to think that any parent who takes their kids to catholic churches from now on should lose custody. Taking your kid where you know sex offenders hang out is inexcusable!!! — Roseanne Barr

Had a powerful meditation just now — caused an earthquake in Southern California…Was meditating on Shiva mantra & earth began to shake,” he tweeted. “Sorry about that. — Deepak Chopra

If I have learned one thing from life, it is that race is the engine that drives the political Left. When all else fails, that segment of America goes to the default position of using race to achieve its objectives. In the courtrooms, on college campuses, and, most especially, in our politics, race is a central theme. Where it does not naturally rise to the surface, there are those who will manufacture and amplify it. — Ward Connerly

Economists such as Stanford’s Michael Boskin say Europeans have a standard of living about 30 percent lower than ours and are stagnating. Others note that the structural unemployment rate in Europe, particularly for young people (it’s over 20 percent in many countries), is socially devastating. — Jonah Goldberg

Europe is a free-rider. It can only afford to be Europe because we can afford to be America. — Jonah Goldberg

The best interest of this nation does not depend on our elected leaders’ being nice to one another. It does depend on their reversing the masochistic path of bankrupting spending, retreating in the war on terror and surrendering to the culture of death being forcibly imposed by moral relativists. It depends on rekindling the fire of liberty in our hearts. — David Limbaugh

You know, it seems to me Barack Obama was much more forgiving of Jeremiah Wright’s anger and vitriol than he was his own grandmother, typical white woman. He was much more forgiving of the 9/11 terrorists’ anger than he is of me and any of his domestic critics. Well, yeah, we were told that we need to understand why they hate us. There may be a reason they’re doing this, there maybe a justified reason why they’re doing this. We have to understand why they don’t like us, why they are angry. But when it comes to us, there’s no desire to understand why we’re angry. There’s no forgiving tolerance of our anger. No, we’re called troublesome. Troublesome. King Henry VIII said of one of his primary political critics, Thomas Becket, King Henry VIII getting rid of the Catholic Church, starting the Church of England, Thomas Becket, Sir Thomas More, a lot of people, no, no, no, we’re not going to support you in this, King Henry. And King Henry VIII said, “Who will rid me of this troublesome priest?” And four of his guards assumed that Henry VIII wanted him dead so they murdered him. The word “troublesome.” Well, I am the troublesome, vitriolic Rush Limbaugh, archenemy of the regime. — Rush Limbaugh

Members in the media treat leftist politicians as though they are at a Jonas Brothers concert. They’re just fawning licking the heels of their favorite teen idol.” — Jason Mattera

No administration in America’s history would, I think, ever have considered such a step that we just found out President Obama is supporting today. It’s kinda like getting out there on a playground, a bunch of kids, getting ready to fight, and one of the kids saying, ‘Go ahead, punch me in the face and I’m not going to retaliate. Go ahead and do what you want to with me.’ — Sarah Palin

I knew that we’d be buddies when I met her when she said, ‘Drill here, drill now.’ And then I replied, ‘Drill, baby, drill’ and then we both said, ‘You betcha!’ — Sarah Palin on Michele Bachmann

“The drama that brought this creature to life was unedifying … part tragedy and part farce. Ethical categories went out the window. Never in history have the deliberations of Congress been subverted on this scale. The secrecy, the lack of transparency, the half-truths were stunning. The votes called at midnight … the 2 and 3 thousand page bills members of Congress had no time to read before the votes … the sordid backroom deals, the Cornhusker Kickback that shamed Nebraska, the Louisiana Purchase, the ‘Gator Aid’ Medicare privilege for Florida, the additional Medicare dollars for states whose wavering representatives only yesterday were ferociously denouncing earmarks … the federal judgeship dangled for one lawmaker’s brother … the raid on the Medicare piggy bank … the lie that $250 billion for ‘doc fix’ shouldn’t count as a Health Care cost … the double-counted deficit estimate scam that would land any accountant in jail … the proposed Slaughter rule that Congressmen not record a vote on a bill their constituents hate, just ‘deem’ it passed and vote on the amendments…and to complete the farce, the phony Executive Order pretending not to fund abortions when the Health Care bill, as ‘the supreme law of the land,’ does fund abortions. The level of political corruption to buy the votes for this debacle makes all past examples look penny ante by comparison.

“Self-government stands or falls on integrity, not only in those who represent you but in the enactment of law. This indecency soiled our freedom and embarrassed the democracy we promote in other nations. — Paul Ryan

One of the oddest features of the scene is attributed to the president’s “cool,” which seems to be the euphemism of choice for what, in less stellar executives, would be regarded as an unappealing combination of coldness and self-absorption. I forget which long-ago foreign minister responded to an invitation to lunch with an adversary by saying “I’m not hungry,” but Obama seems to reserve the line for his “friends.” Visiting France, he declined to dine with the Sarkozys. Visiting Norway, he declined to dine with the king at a banquet thrown explicitly in Obama’s honor. The other day, the president declined to dine with Netanyahu even though the Israeli prime minister was his guest in the White House at the time. The British prime minister, five times rebuffed in his attempt to book a date, had to make do with a perfunctory walk ’n’ talk through the kitchens of the U.N. Obama’s shtick as a candidate was that he was the guy who’d talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Instead, he recoils from all but the most minimal contact with the world. — Mark Steyn

I disagree with John Lewis (Democrat, Georgia) politically but I have always respected him as a genuine civil rights warrior. And I feel slightly queasy at the thought that he would dishonor both the movement and his own part in it for the cheapest of partisan points – in the same way I would be disgusted by a Holocaust survivor painting a swastika on his own door and blaming it on his next-door neighbor over a boundary dispute. But that’s what the Democratic Party has been reduced to – faking hate crimes as pathetically as any lonely, mentally ill college student. Congressmen Carson, Lewis, Cleaver and the rest have turned themselves into the Congressional equivalent of the Duke University stripper. Except that they’re not some penniless loser but a group of important, influential lifetime legislators enjoying all the privileges and perquisites of power, and in all probability acting at the behest of the Democrat leadership. — Mark Steyn

As has been said, standards are always out of date — that is why we call them standards. — George Will

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