This Week In Quotes: Aug 7 – Aug 20

by John Hawkins | August 21, 2015 6:10 am

What, like with a cloth or something? — Hillary Clinton[1] when asked about wiping her server

Respectfully, if that is your position, then I will talk only to white people about how we are going to deal with the very real problems. — Hillary Clinton[2]

The anchor baby scam was invented 30 years ago by a liberal zealot, Justice William Brennan, who slipped a footnote into a 1982 Supreme Court opinion announcing that the kids born to illegals on U.S. soil are citizens. — Ann Coulter[3]

I would … note that an awful lot of Republicans, including other Republican candidates, have gone out of their way to smack Donald Trump with a stick. Now I think that’s just foolish,” he said. Asked why, Cruz paused and then replied, “Donald Trump had a rally in Phoenix, Ariz. [to which] between 10 and 20 thousand people came out. When you attack and vilify the people at that rally as crazies, it does nothing to help Republicans win in 2016. I’d like every single person at that rally to show up and vote in 2016, knock on doors with energy and passion, and turn this country around. If Washington politicians show contempt and condescension to those [voters,] that is a path to losing at the ballot box.” — Ted Cruz in Politico[4]

Let nobody be misled, a 10-year-old girl being raped is horrible, but does it solve a problem by taking the life of an innocent child? …When I think about one horror, I also think about the possibilities that exist and I just don’t want to think that somehow we discounted a human life … Let’s not compound the tragedy by taking yet another life. — Mike Huckabee[5]

What’s sad about gender studies (is) there’s no actual study of gender in gender studies. — Bill Kristol[6]

A member of the Consultant Class accusing others of being bought is like grass accusing others of being green. For $5 this group will pretty much jump out of anyone’s birthday cake and bark like a dog. — John Nolte[7]

Sometimes when I’m loading my magazines I like to just look at (Megyn Kelly). I usually sit naked on the couch, dropping hot brass on my stuff. Ted Nugent[8]

I know what Donald Trump is doing is representing the absolute, heartbreak and anger and frustration at a government gone mad. You don’t fight a culture war politely, like Mr. Rogers, Jeb Bush,” Nugent said, addressing the former Florida governor and Republican presidential contender. “You get angry, you get pissed, you swing some crowbars … This is a nasty, mean culture war, and you’re not going to win it by adjusting your tie. — Ted Nugent[8]

For the New Yorker’s target audience, the equivalence of free speech advocates to “gun nuts” is clear signal of where they’re supposed to fall on the argument. But all I can say is that if the “speech nuts” do as well as the “gun nuts” have done over the past couple of decades, we’ll be in pretty good shape. And the lesson from the “gun nuts” is: Don’t compromise, don’t admit that there’s such a thing as a “reasonable restriction,” don’t back down, and keep pointing out that your opponents are liars and hypocrites. And punish the hell out of politicians who vote with the other side.
Glenn Reynolds[9]

Victim status is treasured in America, and black skin guarantees automatic victim status thanks to America’s history. In America’s racist heyday, black people attempted to pass for white in order to escape destitution and persecution; today, white people attempt to pass for black — or appropriate black culture — to win popularity. — Ben Shapiro[10]

The shrill little twerps shrieking “You can’t say that!” are a far bigger problem than the stuff they object to. — Mark Steyn[11]

The retort that Trump is not a “real” Republican or a “real” conservative would of course be a devastating criticism had “real” Republicans and “real” conservatives” in Washington managed actually to “conserve” anything during their time in office. Fiscal prudence? Constrained welfare? Private health care? Religious liberty? There’s no point to a purity test for a party that folds more reliably than the White House valet. — Mark Steyn[12]

As far as the South China Sea, which is what we’re talking about, it’s a long ways away. I flew to China not too long ago, and I was on a plane for 21 hours. That’s a long, long ways away. And at some point, we are going to have to stop being the policemen of the world, Hugh, whether we like it or don’t like it. You know, they talk about Ukraine also. Now Putin can’t stand Obama, and I understand that, and Obama can’t stand Putin, either, but he can’t stand him. And Ukraine, we’re with them. We’re with the Europeans and all. But you know, wouldn’t it be nice if Germany, who is minting money, they’re coining money, they have an unbelievable, actually, they have a very smart leader. She’s one of the great leaders of the world today, but Germany and all of these countries that are affected by Ukraine aren’t the ones that are fighting. We are. At what point do we say Germany, you know what, you better start handling Ukraine, because we have enough to do. We have to rebuild our country, Hugh. — Donald Trump[13]

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