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by John Hawkins | October 17, 2014 3:28 pm

President Barack Obama’s immigration policy has left most illegal immigrants with clean records untouched, only focusing on illegals with criminal records and repeat border violators, a new study shows. The study, conducted by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), found that around 95 percent of those deported met the national security requirements Obama stipulated, while only 5 percent, or 77,000, illegal immigrants were deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) with no criminal record. MPI tracked the data from 2009 to 2013. — Jonah Bennett[1]

At the moment, more than 13,000 West Africans have travel visas to come to the U.S. Having just seen an Ebola-infected Liberian get $500,000 worth of free medical treatment in the U.S., the first thing any African who might have Ebola should do is get himself to America. — Ann Coulter[2]

“The Daily Show” draws fewer viewers than reruns of “The Family Guy” on the Cartoon Network, but you’d think he was the biggest name on cable if you went by how much coverage he gets. Magazine covers, gushing TV profiles and praise from newspapers about his influence all ignore the fact that Jon Stewart’s show is beaten in the ratings by “Swamp People.” But then, who has influence has little to do with how many people care about or follow that person. It has everything to do with who the media decides to anoint with the moniker “influential.” — Derek Hunter[3]

While the FBI study discusses “mass shootings or killings,” its graphs were filled with cases that had nothing to do with mass killings. Of the 160 cases it counted, 32 involved a gun being fired without anyone being killed. Another 35 cases involved a single murder. It’s hard to see how the FBI can count these incidents, which make up 42 percent of its 160 cases, as “mass killings.” They plainly don’t fit the FBI’s old definition, which required four or more murders, nor even its new one of at least three murders. — John Lott[4]

If you want to argue for a principle, you need to embody that principle consistently — at least, if you want to convince anyone else. Libertarians who argue that private charity can make up for government safety nets should be giving more of their income to private welfare charities than any other group. Conservatives who think that abortion should be completely illegal should not go and obtain them for their own daughters. People who oppose school choice should not send their children to private schools or relocate to an affluent suburb when they have kids. And feminists who are against sex shaming should be outraged when it happens to people whose ideas they despise, as outraged as they certainly are when it happens to one of their own. Otherwise, people just smirk at your “principle” and see it for what it is: something between sheer tribal hypocrisy and a lie. — Megan McArdle[5]

Sadly, when marriage is elastic enough to mean anything, in due time it comes to mean nothing. — Russell Moore[6]

Maybe you haven’t figured out that there is no more slavery, no more Jim Crow, and the most powerful man in the world is a black American, and the most powerful woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey, is black. — Bill O’Reily[7]

You’re so handsome that I can’t speak properly. — Gwyneth Paltrow[8]

It would be wonderful if we were able to give (Obama) all of the power that he needs to pass the things that he needs to pass. — Gwyneth Paltrow[8]

Communists are just Nazis with better PR. UCLA is doing some of that PR. — Glenn Reynolds[9] on UCLA’s Angela Davis tribute.

That’s a real fault line between conservatives and progressives: The Right tends to see those policies and institutions unique to the United States as markers of our liberty and excellence, while the Left sees policies and institutions unique to the United States as indicators that we are simply a few rungs on the evolutionary ladder behind Finland. It’s American Exceptionalism vs. anti-American Exceptionalism, and the latter tendency is by no means limited to such lightly informed Democratic emissaries as Eva Longoria. — Kevin Williamson[10]

From 2004 to 2011, American and American-trained Iraqi troops repeatedly encountered, and on at least six occasions were wounded by, chemical weapons remaining from years earlier in Saddam Hussein’s rule. In all, American troops secretly reported finding roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs, according to interviews with dozens of participants, Iraqi and American officials, and heavily redacted intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. — The New York Times[11]

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