Over 1 Million To Lose Their Health Insurance – Companies In PANIC To Flee Obamacare

by Sierra Marlee | October 14, 2016 7:07 pm

Are you insured through Obamacare? You might be one of the 1.4 millions Americans who lose their insurance thanks to rate hikes. These hikes are causing insurers to flee the healthcare exchanges and leave millions of Americans without insurance.

How’s that hope and change working out for you, Obama voters? Soon nobody but the rich are going to be able to afford insurance thanks to your messiah and then you’re going to make signs, march, complain and otherwise be insufferable until somebody makes you more empty promises.


In 2015, Aetna lost $300 million and left the healthcare exchange. UnitedHealth Group is another company that abandoned Obamacare due to soaring premiums.

But there is good news[2]! For those who don’t lose their plans, your costs are going to rise 50%, there will be fewer plans to choose from and many hospitals and doctors won’t be included in the lower-end plans.

Oh wait, is that not good? Sorry, It’s “good” the same way Obamacare is “affordable” and the same way “you can keep your current doctor.”

So not at all.

According to Bloomberg, 5 states are going to affected more than the others by these insurance withdrawals. These states are Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina and Florida.


Gee, I wish someone could have predicted the failure of Affordable Healthcare before it even took effect.

Oh, wait…

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