8 Tips To Assist In Preparing For The FALLOUT Of Obama’s America…

by McIntosh | June 17, 2016 3:06 am

All right folks, I figured you have had just about enough of the Obama centered rants, so decided to give it aa= break for a weekend and end it with a…drum-roll…

Diaster Prepper Tips!….For when Obama destroys the fabric of American society….

Okay, so maybe I didn’t leave it all behind, sue me. But before you do, take a gander!


1. Research

No matter what the liberals say, we are all different, with different abilities, physical attributes, and we live in different geographical locations. What works for a friend may not be the right match for you. DO YOUR RESEARCH. If you want to be prepared for any event that comes your way, it is imperative that you ‘Prep’ the prepping by making a plan that fits your budget, skills, and location.

2. Stockpile Water

Always store as much water as you possibly can. Seek out hidden locations in your home where you can store either purchased water or water you have bottled yourself using containers that won’t bleed a plastic taste into the water. Beyond that, brainstorm other sources of water that you can use in an emergency and learn how to safely filter and purify water from questionable places for drinking purposes.

3. Physical Fitness

This is one area or prepping that SO MANY just all out ignore. Staying healthy and in decent shape is a life decision, and one that you will be grateful you embraced, if things go south fast. You can’t predict whether you will have to endure more physical labor-like tasks, so be prepared. Endurance is key, both physical and mental.

Remember. Don’t skip leg day. No one has ever had to run on their arms…

4. Community

This is where real saftey lies. A community.

You’ll see many TV shows with preppers going at it alone. That’s all fine and dandy, but you have to understand that if you are alone – you’re alone! There will be no support system, no back up, and no other person to share the burden of everyday struggle. So get to know your neighbors, and get on good terms. The peace of mind alone is worth it.

5. Survival Library

You are not a human YouTube. You can’t just recall every single tip about prepping. So make a ‘Prepping Bible’ with printed materials inside a binder. Something that is personalized to you and your families needs. Medical, Diet, Construction, Hunting, etc. The topics that you can study are endless, but your memory is not, so make sure to make

6. Bug-Out Bag

Bugging out doesn’t necessarily mean you head for the hills and pitch your tent. During an emergency or evacuation of your area, it may only take a move across town, or even the neighborhood. A simple bug-out bag filled with food, water, clothing, medicine, and a weapon (if you like) goes a long way.

Make sure everyone in your family has a basic kit filled with at least water, food, and medicine.

7. Evacuation Plan

If you cannot bug-in your home, then be sure to have a plan as to where you will go, and how you will get their. It’s best to have multiple routes to your destination, especially ones that are off the main roads. Decide on your routes, then practice evacuations until your whole family has it down.

It’s always good to time yourself in these practice runs to keep you on your toes.

8. Survival Medicine

Put together an across-the-board first aid kit that includes trauma supplies as well as protection gear to keep you safe in the event of a chemical emergency. Purchase and save extra prescription medications as well as antibiotics and essential oils. Study up on herbal medicine and keep a good book on survival medicine on hand as a reference.

These are some of the tips to get stared. Join a prepper group online, or in your community to get a better idea on how to advance your Obama-disaster-preparedness.

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