12-year-old boy forced to watch as his mother drinks petrol and is set on fire for witchcraft

by Rachel Alexander | May 10, 2015 12:07 pm

wtchcrft[1]The Salem Witch Trials seem like a thing of the past, when society was much more barbaric about punishing crime. Sadly, according to one South African teenager, that is not the case, witch burning is still occurring today, as he witnessed with his mother.[2]

The Daily Mail reports that the boy was forced to watch this when he was only 12,

The boy, now 15, told Durban High Court in South Africa how one man had held his mother down while another forced her to drink petrol and then set her on fire.

The young man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, claimed that Thula Dlula and Mzuyanda Mntabo killed his mother with an unknown flammable liquid.

He explained that they first assaulted her and then held her hands while Mntambo made her drink something that was in a five-litre plastic container.

‘I don’t remember the colour but I think it was red or green,’ he was quoted by the Sowetan as saying.

A baying mob surrounded and attacked the deceased, Thembekile Ngubane, because they believed she was a witch.

The court heard how another mother claimed Ngubane had shaved her son’s eyebrows and on further occasions had cut other children’s hair. She said she used the hair for magic spells.

While most of us regard witchcraft as a dangerous practice; unless your life is in danger it is never acceptable to injure someone because of it. In a free, civilized society, people should be free to worship as they please. However, if there was some concern about the child being raised in witchcraft, there should have been appropriate intervention such as Child Protective Services or a caring Catholic priest. Let’s hope the boy gets counseling and sees some real love from people of Judeo-Christian faith, who can show him that the evil they did to his mom is not right. The wicked men who murdered her should be held fully accountable by the court.

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