Most people have just finished enjoying their long Labor Day weekend. Unless of course you live in Chicago…then it’s questionable. Yet another weekend in the ‘gun controlled’ city has proven exactly what we have known all along.

Gun control only works for the criminal.

65 people shot over the weekend and 13 lives have been lost.

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These numbers sound like numbers from a battlefield, or from a day at war between conquering foes. Yet, it is not.

These are numbers from a city under Democratic rule. A city that is under such strict gun control laws that there is no mistaking the stupidity of it all. People are dying senseless deaths all the time in this city and Obama does nothing.

Chicago does not fit into Obama’s gun agenda. In fact, Chicago blows his agenda to pieces. Pieces that the mainstream media then picks up and hides under a blanket of silence after setting off a smokescreen of lies and deceit.

Oh, the wickedness of it all…

We’re not even talking gang rivalry here. A 9-month pregnant woman was shot and injured on the same block where just 20 hours earlier someone had been shot and killed.

A retired pastor was shot to death outside a SENIOR LIVING facility!

All the while, idiots on the left are enjoying their gluten free egg whites, with magic water from the fountain of youth some weirdo found off the shores of a hidden island that raises unicorns for the heck of it.

Then of course there are the other lefties that actually do understand the terrifying reality of things…it’s just that, they’re evil, so they don’t give a crap.

That’s right, it’s all a part of their evil plan to take over the world by dividing us up.

I guess what they haven’t stopped to consider is…

We’re the ones with the guns and food storage…and hunting skills. Oh, and we also abide by the law and respect our nation’s heroes, soooo they’ll have all the criminals while we’ll have our military warriors and blue lives…

Also, all the smart people.

Just saying.

Keep enduring Chicago… sending you prayers that something changes there soon for the better, because Obama or any other Democrat isn’t going to do a dang thing about it.

I mean, does it look like he cares?


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