2008 Video Allegedly Showing Obama Flaunting an ERECTION Going Viral

2008 Video Allegedly Showing Obama Flaunting an ERECTION Going Viral

I think I died a little just now. There are no words to describe how much I wish this story didn’t exist…it just is one of those things that will violate your conscious and leave you for dead.


If this is what this world has come to, I might be looking into buying real estate on some other planet…to be buried when this one kills me with it’s DISGUSTINGNESS.

If you don’t want to lose a little of your soul today…heed this warning.

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WARNING: Inappropriate graphic content that’s really, really, really, really gross. You’ve been warned.

The story goes…allegedly, back then Senator Barack Obama was celebrating a victory in North Carolina for the Democratic primary on May 6th, 2008.

He won, so he was excited. Now 8 years later, this video comes out and adds to the disgust of Obama’s America.

He’s out of office come January, not sure as to what the point of this is.

Trust me, I like many other Americans, am very frustrated with the man for ruining our America. For making it a nation that has criminalized our police officers, putting them in danger and making them targets of misled hatred. Then somehow making actual criminals out to be the victims…and allowing them to get away with murder, plundering and living a total lie based on feelings not facts.

I like many other Americans, hate the fact that Obama does not heed the majority of Americans who want to protect this nation’s borders and the friends and family they love by fortifying borders and building up our military to be strong and plenty as they once were, giving opportunities to our nation’s heroes to serve their country and protect their loved ones.

This list goes on and on…with many valid reasons as to why I just plain do not support or trust Obama at all.

With all that said…

I still do not understand the point of this video.

However, it’s not my choice to decide what you see and what you don’t see.

So here is what is going viral in the news today.

You can think for yourself.

That is how is should be.

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