Tyranny Alert: UK School to fingerprint students to ‘monitor their diet

by Samuel Gonzalez | September 14, 2014 8:54 am

What starts out in Europe, Liberals in the United States always want to copy with the ‘we’re behind other industrialized nations’ argument. I think this a very overt government intrusion into private lives through children.


EAG News[1] reports a school is implementing a biometric system to better track what finger print[2]students are eating each day.

The Express & Star reports[3] students at Redhill School in Stourbridge, England will be fingerprinted in an attempt to reduce lunch lines and “monitor pupils’ diets.”

The system requires pupils to press a finger against a machine which converts the print into biometric data.

This can then be used to identify individual pupils accounts.


Headteacher Stephen Dunster wrote to parents, “We are aiming to have a cashless system throughout the school. The catering system is better for parents because they don’t have to provide children with lunch money every morning. From our perspective it is far more efficient as it reduces waiting times.

“We will also be able to monitor what children are buying to make sure they are eating a healthy diet.”

Some American schools have attempted to implement palm scanners for similar purposes, but were met with parent anger or technological problems.


More here[4]

Get ready for this fight at local school board near you!


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