Telling the enemy what you won’t do in war is a prescription for defeat

by Samuel Gonzalez | September 28, 2014 8:48 am

President Barack Obama, who once called ISIS the JV team, is trying to convince the world his way of doing war is so much smarter than anyone else’s. This from a guy who thought the obama[1]United States had 58 states.

A man, who disdains our military and trashed the war in Iraq, suddenly finds himself taking the country back to war in Iraq and Syria. Only this time he’s outsourcing boots on the ground to Arab countries as if they could equal the capability of U.S. forces.

Using foreign armies to fight our battles is a supreme insult to our military. Obama doesn’t understand this as much as he doesn’t understand how to create a job.

Meanwhile ISIS gears up to win the PR battle against the United States and The West by making sure women and children are placed in target areas. And although the corrupt American media won’t do a body count of civilian causalities or other collateral damage, the foreign press will.

This is not gonna go well!


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