The Anti-Michael Browns: 3 kids who found cash in southern New Jersey rewarded for honesty

The Anti-Michael Browns: 3 kids who found cash in southern New Jersey rewarded for honesty


This is a story I’m sure won’t go national, but it should! Whoever are the parents of these children need to get kidsa standing ovation because they’ve done a fantastic job raising their children to do the right thing. Sadly, that wasn’t the case with Michael Brown and that’s the true lesson that needs to be reinforced to our young ones.

Good parents are already doing that. Bad parents are not and they’re listening to the wrong people saying the wrong things.

Star Tribune reports three children in southern New Jersey have learned it pays to be honest.

Thirteen-year-old Ricky Cote, his 9-year-old sister, Bella, and 6-year-old brother, Robby, found $180 in cash in a parking lot in Galloway Township on May 31. Their father told them to turn it in to police.

The money became theirs under state law when no one claimed it after six months.
Acting Police Capt. Donna Higbee on Monday awarded each of the siblings $100, giant lollipops and some gift cards. Officers and a resident kicked in the extra cash as a sign of appreciation.

Ricky Cote tells The Press of Atlantic City ( ) he plans to use the money to buy new wheels for his bike. His brother is looking at new video games and his sister wants some toys.

God bless them!

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