25 Year-Old Mom Arrested For Staging PHONY Kidnap & Rape…

25 Year-Old Mom Arrested For Staging PHONY Kidnap & Rape…

A young mother has been taken into custody and jailed for coming up with a detailed kidnap idea, claiming she was abducted and raped by four black men.


Leiha Artman is from Muskegon, Michigan and claims that while she was in her driveway, 4 black men stopped by to ask her for directions. She claimed that it was then that they snatched her up…well, according to her.

The 25 year-old said they tossed her in the trunk of their car, struck her and raped her. Over the two days total she was missing, photographs of her being gagged, bleeding and beaten were sent to her boyfriend’s phone.

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Don’t feel sorry for the trickster though. This was all an elaborate plan and now she’s paying for it.

Reports from DailyMail tell that the mother who claimed she was kidnapped was told she would not rot in a prison cell in exchange for taking a plea deal and given her past criminal record, that would mean a maximum penalty of six years in the slammer.

The reports say that her partner, who wished to remain unidentified, told authorities that she had been squeezed into making the plea and into creating a framework for her story.

He swears she was indeed raped and beaten…just not by 4 black men, which she blamed for the crime in the first place. Apparently she felt she needed to make up the story so that the real person who beat and raped her wouldn’t find out, and therefore wouldn’t come after her.

Honey. That’s why you tell the police. So they can get the person who ACTUALLY did the crime…Not a very good liar.

The partner said:

‘All I know is that I woke up to some very, very brutal pictures. She did make up a story saying it was four black men but, at the end of the day, she did get really, really hurt by someone. She is a good woman and a good mother. She was a heroin addict that needed help and rehab.’

I swear! She’s great! She’s the best mother in the world!…and she’s addicted to heroin. Now. Can anyone tell me why these two ideas do not go together?

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