25 Yr-Old Man Claims Two Young Boys Age 8 And 6, Came Onto Him FIRST – So He Raped Them

25 Yr-Old Man Claims Two Young Boys Age 8 And 6, Came Onto Him FIRST – So He Raped Them

The excuses some people will make to get out of taking responsibility for their actions is amazing. Or more appropriately a sickness. One Washington state man has been arrested for repeatedly raping two young brothers, then telling the police that it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t to blame. It was actually the two young brothers that came onto him, so obviously, he had to rape them, right?

…Sick bastard.


25 year-old Eric Mayer is the sick freak in question here and he is now being charged with not one, but TWO counts of child rape for the alleged attack on brothers who are eight years-old and six years-old last month.

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According to court documents revealed, the two children were questioned by police if anyone had done anything to their bodies and they both replied ‘yes’.

Prosecutor Nicole Weston wrote a scathing description of what the two brothers had to endure, saying that they ‘had to not only endure numerous sexual assaults by the defendant, but they had to watch the other go through the same thing’.

The two brothers were somehow acquaintances of Mayer, which usually is a common detail in many of these types of cases. The eldest brother relaying to the police said that Mayer would take him and his younger brother to a metal storage shed, which he described as a ‘hot box’. In that shed, Mayer allegedly would show them pornographic pictures and videos. The brother also said that Mayer would expose his genitals to them while in the shed. Allegedly Mayer even attempted to get the older brother to perform a sexual act on him, but he refused.

This happened more than once, according to the files. Mayer tried again to get the older brother to do it and when he refused again, Mayer ‘pleasured’ himself in front of them.

The court documents also expose that on at least two other occasions, Mayer got the younger brother to perform sexual acts on him. This was done, according to the files, in exchange for knives he would give the children.

Mayer, when being questioned by police, denied any sort of inappropriate advances or behavior, calling them ‘liars’ and ‘thieves’. By the end of the interview, the 25 year-old Mayer told detectives, ‘The boys came on to me.’

The sick freak is being held on $500,000 bail.

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