29 Conservatives Can OUST Boehner as Speaker…With This DARING Plan!

by Tiffiny Ruegner | January 3, 2015 2:05 pm

John Boehner…. the bur in the side of conservative Republicans, seems like an entrenched immoveable fixture in DC. Daniel Horowitz has a pretty good strategy to get rid of John Boehner: Tuesday January 6, a group of just 29 conservatives will have perhaps its only opportunity to change the course of history [1]and drive the direction of the country. With YOUR help, America can get rid of sniveling leathery orange-faced John Boehner’s power and his cow-towing relationship with Obama!


This weekend spend all the time you can spare spreading the word and asking ALL your friends on Social Media to
tell their Congressman to deny reelection to John Boehner. Follow these steps:

1. Find your Congressman (CLICK HERE[3])
( http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/[4] )

2. If your Congressman is Democrat spend your time sending these steps to everyone you can!
If your Congressman is Republican click on their name and scroll to the bottom of their website to get their phone number and email.

3. Call your Congressmen and tell them: “I live in your district, I am an active voter and volunteer with the Republican Party. I will be watching your vote for Speaker, Tuesday. If you utter the words ‘John Boehner’ and offer no other alternative to the man who has bent over backwards to please Obama, I will make the next two years miserable for you. I will do everything in my power to stop any donations or any support from others in this district even if it means going door to door to reveal who you really are. If you put up another alternative to John Boehner, I will become your #1 fan and do everything in my power to make sure my neighbors know what a hero you are and to reach into their pockets to support you.”

4. Email a similar statement to your Congressmen.

5. Spend 20+ minutes each day the next 3 days to pass this information on to your neighbors and social media friends.

NOTE: If you have a twitter account use hashtag #FireBoehner

Some people would like more information:

At this critical juncture, the few dozen conservatives in the House have two options.

They can allow themselves and the 2014 electorate to remain disenfranchised, helplessly standing by while Boehner passes crucial legislation on amnesty, budget bills, Obamacare, and debt ceiling increases with Democrat support. Or they can seize control of their own destiny by using the first vote of this Congress – the only vote for which Boehner cannot rely on Democrat support – to veto the Speaker himself and preempt a disastrous two years of lawmaking.

Despite misinformation some Republican members and incoming freshmen have given constituents, the selection of John Boehner for Speaker, unlike the election of the other party leaders, has not been cemented. And in fact, on Tuesday, if every Republican who claims to be frustrated and even appalled by Boehner’s behavior would vote for any other name, they can deny him reelection as Speaker.

Unlike last month’s vote, which served to nominate Boehner in conference as the GOP pick for Speaker, the vote on the floor of the House will not be a voice vote by acclimation, nor will it be a secret ballot. Each of the 435 members is called to stand before a packed chamber and the millions of viewers on television to proclaim a choice for Speaker. No member is bound to vote for the nominee of his party; each member is free to vote for any individual qualified to serve as Speaker. Indeed, on 17 occasions since 1913, individual members have registered votes for “third choices.”

A group of 17 progressive Republicans orchestrated a similar stratagem in 1923, whereby they blocked the party’s nominee from securing a majority for nine consecutive ballots until the party leadership agreed to implement some of the reforms they were suggesting. Certainly the seriousness of our current constitutional and political crisis warrants an effort like this from a group of bold conservatives in order to secure a reasonable compromise with a new Speaker, even if the choices that emerge are from the establishment wing of the party.
The operative point here is that it is not sufficient to garner a plurality of the votes; the winner must secure a majority of the total number of votes cast. Consequently, given that there are 247 Republican members in the new Congress, if 29 members vote for someone other than Boehner.

Some members are equivocating over the vote because there is no clear alternative willing to challenge Boehner. Other recalcitrant and risk-averse conservatives are conjuring up all sorts of excuses to avoid confrontation with Boehner on the House floor. But nobody will challenge party leadership until the vulnerability or vacancy is created. By joining together and organizing a move to deny Boehner the majority, these 29 conservatives can create such an opportunity. This would force a second or third ballot and Republicans would have to reconvene a conference. They would finally be compelled to negotiate with conservatives who would only agree to give their votes for someone who commits to certain fundamental principles and ironclad concessions.

On Tuesday, pray for courage to those who have an inclination to stand up, show strength and know that the majority of Republicans [5]want Boehner OUT!

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