347 More Workers Fired Due to ObamaCare

347 More Workers Fired Due to ObamaCare

After the Supreme Court decision, the debate over ObamaCare is over, right? Tell that to the Mercy Health workers who just lost their jobs…


President and CEO of the Mercy system, Lynn Britton, said the Obamacare-induced layoffs are taking a toll on workers and their families.

“Changes such as these are difficult and distressing for everyone involved,” said Britton. “While our decisions support Mercy’s ability to stay strong and relevant in the face of challenges impacting all health care providers, today our thoughts and prayers are with those co-workers who are affected.”

Mercy Health’s firings will take place across the four states in which the health system operates, which includes Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas.

This may explain why ObamaCare only has a 43% approval rating based on Real Clear Politics poll of polls. Well, that, and the $2.6 trillion dollar price tag.

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