50 Shades of Paul Ryan

by Matt Vespa | August 11, 2012 9:11 pm


50 Shades of Paul Ryan

ABC News once again publishes a piece that is just plain wrong. : This isn’t the first time. As I’ve posted before, ABC News flat out fabricated a story[2] concerning Marco Rubio being vetted for the VP spot. : Then, during the week when Ted Cruz trounced David Dewhurst in the Texas runoff, they posted that the Tea Party was a movement losing steam[3].

With Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney’s running mate, Elizabeth Hartfield posted another obnoxious piece today[4] detailing the : “5 Things Mitt Romney Doesn’t Want You To Know About Paul Ryan.” It’s part of the ongoing liberal media campaign to demonize Paul Ryan. : In addition, they list things about Paul Ryan that we already know! : What’s next ABC? Will there be a 50 Shades of Paul Ryan post? : Hartfield wrote that:

1. His budget plans include big cuts, and there’s ample room for Democrats to continue with their “Romneyhood narrative.” The nonpartisan: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities[5]: estimates 62 percent of Ryan’s cuts are to programs for the poor.

2. Ryan’s budget proposals have included big changes to Medicare – including gradually replacing the program with a voucher program for private health care, and gradually raising the retirement age. That could scare older Americans, a crucial voting bloc.

3. He voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program, or TARP. While a lot of other Republicans did too, and it was proposed by the Bush administration, some have viewed it as a rejection of the conservative economic values Ryan and hard-line fiscal conservatives espouse.

4. He’s easily pegged as Washington insider. He’s been in Congress since 1999, and before that he worked as a congressional staffer. Congressional approval ratings are abysmally low- a recent: CBS News/NY Times[6]: poll showed that only 12 percent of voters approve of the way Congress is doing its job.

5. This is both a pro and a con to Ryan, depending on who you ask, but he’s notably further to the left on the issue of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender rights than the base of the party. He broke with a lot of his party to support the Employee Non-Discrimination Act in 2007. He explained his reasoning for the vote: in this way:[7]: “They [his gay friends] didn’t roll out of bed one morning and choose to be gay. That’s who they are.”

First of all, gay rights isn’t going to be a cornerstone of this election. : Obama and his goons are trying to make it one with the incorporation for marriage equity into the DNC platform—but Romney and his team are smart enough to pivot away from that fly trap.

Second, we spend $927 billion dollars on over 80 programs designed to help the poor[8]. : That’s almost the GNP of the Republic of Korea! : Three of those programs have work requirements—which is now down to two with Obama’s executive order on welfare. : These programs obviously aren’t helping the poor. : They’re enslaving them into a gross cycle of government dependency—which is exactly what Obama and the left want for this country. : We need serious reform.

Third, the Washington insider narrative is a joke. : He’s the brainchild of the Roadmap, which is the only serious policy prescription aimed at tackling our debt and deficit. In fact, the Ryan budget got more votes than any of Obama’s: bogus proposals. : His fiscal conservatism is the reason why the Tea Party loves him[9]. : Furthermore, while the American people may want all the representatives in Congress to get the boot—they’re happy with their congressman/woman, therefore, the anti-incumbent groundswell levels off.

Lastly, as George Will said last spring, “Medicare as we know it is doomed. Not by Mr. Ryan—but by Mr. Arithmetic. It just doesn’t work anymore.” : Yes. : And all Mr. Ryan did was adopt the proposals from the bipartisan commission on Medicare, which highlighted the need for premium support. :  An initiative that also has bipartisan support[10] in Congress. : As for TARP and Medicare Part D, I’m hoping for a cogent defense for those votes.

These are the five things?: Did he have underage hookers snorting cocaine in some seedy motel room somewhere? : Nope. :  Does he give women cancer? I’m sure Bill Burton and Priorities USA will tie him in with Joe Soptic’s politically pimped out dead wife soon. : After all, he’s conservative and, therefore, evil.

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