by Just An American | August 15, 2016 11:53 am

Now, it is the son of a Chicago police officer that has become the latest victim of the gun violence that rages on in Obama’s hometown. Shot[1] in the chest as he sat on a porch with a friend, right outside his family home…


From the Daily Mail:

The two were at Dennis’s family home in the 2900 block of West 82nd Street.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the deceased’s father, Police Officer Arshell ‘Chico’ Dennis, worked patrol with Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

The victim was one of nine victims killed across the city this so far this weekend, along with 30 wounded, according to CBS Chicago.

The younger Arshell was set to begin his junior year as a journalism major at New York’s St. John’s University and to return to school Sunday. Johnson says he was a ‘good kid’ with ‘a promising future as a journalist.’
The family said they were planning to bring Trey to the airport so he could go back to college on the day he was killed.

Guglielmi says police haven’t ruled out anything, but a leading theory is the shooting is a mistaken identity case. Neither victim had criminal records or gang affiliations.

‘Our family is deeply saddened this by tragic and senseless shooting,” a statement from the Dennis family said, according to The Sun Times.

‘The loss of our son is stunning and painful. Trey was smart, funny, and the light of our lives.’

How many more tragedies have to strike down families in Chicago before Obama and his minions will put their foot down and say it’s enough. Why is it that Chicago is ignored when it comes to gun violence and not taken as an example by ‘gun control’ activists? Gun control does NOT work – it kills. Obama does not lead – he destroys. There is a correlation between the two. It’s so obviously plain that it’s painful.


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