A Great Writer Gets that the “Great Satan” is Necessary to the Mullahs’ Tyranny

It is incredible how prescient was the nineteenth century novelist George Eliot (née Mary Anne Evans), who died approximately one century before Iran’s Islamic “Revolution, was about the driving force of this tyranny.

As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashes out at President Obama for interfering in Iranian affairs, it becomes increasingly clear to all but the most narrow-minded ideologues that nothing the United States can do or say, no matter how our leaders abase themselves before the mullahs, will change their attitude towards us. For they “need” to demonize us. It’s not just their opium (see Baudelaire on this one), it’s the very glue which holds their regime together as Tom Gregg pointed out in a comment he posted on Commentary’s Contentions blog:

I find myself astonished that so many people seem incapable of perceiving this obvious point: As far as the Iranian Islamofascist regime is concerned, America’s only possible function is to serve as The Enemy, i.e. a focal point for the hatred and fear without which such regimes cannot sustain themselves. The ayatollahs have absolutely no interest in making making nice with America. What would be in it for them? The approval of the “world community”? They couldn’t care less about that. No, what they want and need is the Great Satan.

George Eliot had explained this very phenomenon way back in 1857, when explaining why an abusive husband would not let his wife leave him:

Her husband woul never consent to her living away from him, she was become necessary to his tyranny; he would never willingly loosen his grasp on her.

Emphasis added.

Nor will the mullahs or Ahmadinejad loosen their grasp on their hatred of the “Great Satan.” Or the “Lesser Satan” for that matter.

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