A Kid is About to Get Off the Bus, When the Driver Sees a Semi Truck Barreling Towards Them…

by John Brodgian | March 25, 2015 10:26 am

A Georgia student was about to get off of a school bus, not realizing that an 18-wheeler was barreling towards them.  Thankfully for him, the bus driver had quick reflexes[1]…


The mother of a Ben Hill County student credits the school bus driver for her quick action just seconds before a serious crash happened. A semi-truck slammed into the back of the school bus. There were dozens of students on board at the time.

Jessica Layton’s son, Justin Strickland was one of those students on the bus. It had just pulled up to his stop on Monday.

But right before he was about to exit the bus, the driver noticed an 18-wheeler barreling toward them. She immediately grabbed him before he could get off of the bus. That bus driver was later identified as Candace Dykes.

Thank God for this unsung hero for not thinking twice before putting this students needs ahead of hers.  We need more like her.


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